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Di Resta wants a seat at Force India // Paul isn't giving up on his dream, whilst Schumacher weighs in on 2008

Published by Christine

Di Resta wants a seat at Force India
Di Resta wants a seat at Force India audio waveform

Welcome to F1Minute for the 2nd January 2009.

News is still a bit thin on the ground, so I have two pretty tenuous stories for you today.

Firstly, DTM driver Paul di Resta, who was hoping for a race seat at Force India this year, still believes he could get into Formula 1 now that McLaren are involved. He said: “There’s still a bit of talking to be done before I’ll be able to confirm exactly what I’m going to be doing. One important thing is that F1 remains a possibility.” He adds he’s not giving up on the dream of turning up to Melbourne as an F1 driver.

Elsewhere, Michael Schumacher has been reported as saying that if Lewis had lost the 2008 title in the last race, just like he did in 2007, it would have done some serious damage to his reputation. He’s quoted: “If it happens to you once it is an anecdote but when it happens to you twice it is starting to become a habit. If we saw the championship title slip through his fingers again in the final round it could have been an ill omen for the rest of his career."

That’s it for today, please join me again on Monday for a new week of F1Minute.