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2010 testing gets underway with Massa on top // Launches and testing continue, with all eyes on Schumacher's return

Published by Christine

2010 testing gets underway with Massa on top
2010 testing gets underway with Massa on top audio waveform

This is F1Minute for the 1st February 2010.

The first day of 2010 testing got underway today, but before we get to that, there were two more launches over the weekend, plus one today. Sauber and Renault revealed their new cars at the Valencia circuit yesterday, with Renault dominating most of the headlines for their striking yellow and black livery, and Sauber generating a bit of concern over their lack of livery and sponsors. Toro Rosso launched today with their first car designed in-house. It’s very similar to last year’s but has more red on the nose, presumably to help distinguish from the Red Bull.

So, on to testing, and Massa ended the day on top for Ferrari, but all eyes were on Rosberg in the morning for Mercedes, and Schumacher who took over in the afternoon. Michael was half a second faster than Nico, and when the press asked former teammate Rubens Barrichello on any words of advice for Rosberg, he said: “Yea, get out of there.” Toro Rosso suffered reliability issues, and Renault finished last by quite a way, so all eyes are on tomorrow. I’ll be back then, with another F1Minute.