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Honda ask for budget caps idea - Nick Fry and Ross Brawn discuss the cost cutting measures

Published by Christine

Honda ask for budget caps idea
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This is F1Minute for January 1st 2008 – Happy New Year!

Nick Fry and Ross Brawn of Honda have recently been putting their heads together to come up with an idea of what can be done to save money in Formula 1. The FIA are constantly trying to cut costs, and have taken the direction of an engine freeze and long-life components. CEO of Honda Racing, Fry said that he and Brawn agree that capping the budget of F1 teams is the most likely way of stopping outrageous expenditure.

The idea is to stop the current practice, whereby teams simply switch expenditure to other parts of the car when certain things are frozen. With a budget cap in place, it would seem to be a more fair and measurable way of controlling costs.

Brawn added that although he thinks the idea of applying the caps wouldn’t be simple, it would create a new spin on the competition. He says: “How fast can you make this car go for 100 million a year? How efficient can you be? And it’s up to the teams to decide whether they spend 50 million on the driver and 50 million on the car; or one million on the driver and 99 million on the car. It would be fascinating to have that challenge.”

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