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Toyota drop appeal over Trulli penalty - No argument from the Japanese team, as Sam Michael believes in the FIA

Published by Christine

Toyota drop appeal over Trulli penalty
Toyota drop appeal over Trulli penalty audio waveform

Welcome to F1Minute for the 1st April 2009, and none of this is an April Fool.

Toyota have confirmed they will drop the appeal over Jarno Trulli’s penalty from Australia, as they could see that it would not be successful. A statement released by the team said they filed their intent to appeal so that the option was there for them, once they’d reviewed the situation, but having done so, they say: “it would serve no benefit to pursue this course of action.”

Talking of rules and regulations, Williams technical director Sam Michael has defended the FIA’s way of handling technical infringements, suggesting the system is as close to perfect as it can be. He said: “"If there are humans involved in the process, you are never going to get everything right. But the person that has to make those judgements – the FIA technical delegate – he does the absolute best job he can do. He's very experienced. Things go against you and things go for you.”

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