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Stuart Taylor

Since the dawn of time, there have only been two truths about Stuart: that he will continually doodle on whichever odd end of paper he would find and that he will always find something funny before finding it serious. Stuart is everyone's biggest fan and their biggest critic.

Paddock confessions from Germany - What did make Webber decide to retire?


A bumper crop of top-secret behind-the-scenes postcards reached us from the Britain and Germany back-to-back Formula One races, including more information on the 600th GP celebrations at Williams, a broadcasting tip for Sky Sports and a look at the troubles facing Paul di Resta at this stage of his Force India career.

F1 tyre dilemmas
Mark, what made you decide to retire?
Closer to the action is not always better
Williams F1 celebration mode
The Ro-Bo-Gro has reset again
The carrot dangling in front of Paul di Resta