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Stuart Taylor

Since the dawn of time, there have only been two truths about Stuart: that he will continually doodle on whichever odd end of paper he would find and that he will always find something funny before finding it serious. Stuart is everyone's biggest fan and their biggest critic.

Paddock confessions from Abu Dhabi - Where exactly are the track limits?


To gear up for the final two races of the season, we've got a behind-the-scenes peek at the action from Yas Marina. The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix wasn't a classic, but once you know what was really going on in the desert, the weekend becomes a hundred times more interesting. This time, the stewards are kept busy, Kimi Räikkönen bids a quiet farewell, and the fans point to where the real action is happening.

Move! I can't see!
You're going away for a long time, sunshine
Let's try again, Mr Ecclestone