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Brembo S.p.A

Formula 1 supplier

Brembo S.p.A
Supplier information
Primary roleComponent manufacturer

Brembo are the suppliers of selected Formula One teams, providing them with brake discs and components to provide a full braking system. They are also the official single brake supplier for the MotoGP series, as well as providing components for some of the IndyCar teams in the US.


The Brembo brake company was formed in 1961, specialising in brake discs in Italy. The discs began to be exported around the world, and global manufacturers began to use their components on their cars. In 1975, Enzo Ferrari selected Brembo as supplier to his F1 team, which raised their brand awareness even further.

The company invest heavily in developing braking technology, as well as innovating for both road and racing cars. Their aluminium brake calipers were introduced in 1980, and soon snapped up by many other manufacturers, including Porsche and BMW.

Having increased their consumer base, the company went public in Italy in the mid-90s, and although headquarters remain in their Italian base at Bergamo, they have branches and a network across the globe. As one of the three brake suppliers currently involved in Formula One, the Brembo brake is known for being slightly better through the corners, but technicians continue to work with drivers to find and create better systems throughout a circuit.