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Allianz SE
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Allianz is a financial services company, specialising in insurance, and as part of their sponsorship deals within Formula One, they promote road safety extensively. The German multinational entered Formula One in 2000, originally sponsoring the Williams team, switching to Mercedes in 2011.


The Allianz company was founded in 1890 providing accident policies to German marine workers. They gradually expanded, opening offices in London initially and then further around the globe. As well as internal growth, the company expanded their offerings, with a variety of insurance specialities. Now, as a huge multinational company, with insurance and investment activities across the globe, Allianz has a well recognised name.

Allianz pride themselves on being “the only insurer worldwide to have its own road safety research institute.” The Allianz Centre for Technology has been researching safety via crash tests and other such experiments since the 1970s. The company has a Drive Safely campaign providing useful information to all types of road user.

The company partnered with Williams F1 in 2000, entering Formula One as a sponsor. In 2011, they moved to the German Mercedes team, with whom they have continued to push the road safety message. Videos accompanied each race of the 2013 season, featuring drivers Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton playing around in the paddock, with a team member following up with the underlying safety message.