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Yusuke Hasegawa

Formula 1 employee

Yusuke Hasegawa
Vital statistics for Yusuke Hasegawa
PositionChief officer of motorsports
CompanyHonda Motor Co. Ltd

When Honda chief Yasuhisa Arai stood down from the role heading up the F1 operations for the returning Japanese power unit supplier, it was to Hasegawa that the outfit turned. Tasked with turning around the fortunes of a team that struggled with McLaren through a turbulent first season back, Hasegawa joined at the start of 2016 in the hopes of bringing some success back to both the Woking squad and Honda themselves.


Yusuke's career started as an engine designer in the mass production area of the Honda factory, where he spent a decade honing his craft. He's also spent a handful of time in the research and development departments, focusing on improving the environmental impact of Honda technologies, as well as working on the intricate details of a project such as the famed Honda robot Asimo.

Hasegawa also has plenty of racing experience under his belt, and has now amassed over thirty years with the Japanese company, gaining insight into many different areas. Ahead of the 2016 season, he was brought on board to replace the outgoing and soon-to-be-retiring Yasuhisa Arai, as the Chief Officer of Motorsports.