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Paul Hembery

Formula 1 employee

Paul Hembery
Credit: Pirelli & C. S.p.A.
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Paul Hembery has become a very visible member of the paddock since Pirelli took over the sole tyre supply of F1. As the motorsport director for the Italian manufacturer, Paul spends a lot of time liaising with teams and the FIA to monitor the tyres, and tweak the compounds to meet the high standards of safety, durability and racing excitement required.


Hembery started his tyre career working in research departments, and gradually moved up to a more commercial role. He joined Pirelli in 1992, becoming CEO of their Pacific company. As a more visible member of the team for the Italian tyre manufacturer, he dealt with the supply of rubber to the motorsport world, including the World Rally Championship, starting in 2008.

The experience would come in useful when Pirelli rejoined Formula One as the sole tyre supplier. Paul has been the motorsport director, and spokesperson, for Pirelli since their return in 2011 - fending off criticism from drivers, teams and fans, whilst tweaking the tyres to try and spice up the action as well as retain the elements of safety and structure required for a good race.

Hembery has also been an active Twitter user, engaging with fans and using social media as a soapbox to help air his thoughts on the state of the tyres within Formula One, and rebuking some of the criticisms aimed at the company. He also records audio thoughts after each Formula One race, and has engaged in Question and Answer sessions with fans throughout the season.