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Marcin Budkowski

Formula 1 employee

Marcin Budkowski
Vital statistics for Marcin Budkowski
PositionExecutive director
TeamRenault Sport F1 Team

Budkowski started his F1 career in the aerodynamics department of a couple of teams, before heading to the FIA to take up a more technical position. After overseeing the technical departments for several years, he joined Renault as an executive director - much to the apprehension of the rest of the paddock.


Budkowski has enjoyed a long career in Formula One so far, starting out at Prost Grand Prix following his studies in aerodynamics. He stayed with the team for about a year before moving to Ferrari in 2002 to join the aerodynamics department.

After working up to senior aerodynamicist, Budkowski moved to join McLaren in 2007 where he began to climb the development ladder. He became Head of Aerodynamics - a position he left midway through the 2014 season to join the FIA.

At the sport's governing body, Budkowski had several roles, including project leader, technical co-ordinator, and most recently working as the Head of the F1 technical department. Towards the end of the 2017 season, it was announced that he would join the Renault team as an executive director. This appointment caused controversy within other teams, as with only three months gardening leave, there was concern he would have technical secrets in his head carried over from other teams.