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Dirk De Beer

Formula 1 employee

Dirk De Beer
Vital statistics for Dirk De Beer
PositionHead of aerodynamics
TeamWilliams Martini Racing

De Beer worked his way through the aerodynamics and design departments of motorsport, starting with IndyCar and then moving across to Formula One and joining the Sauber team. He has also worked at Renault and Ferrari, before joining Williams as head of aerodynamics for the 2017 season.


De Beer got a taste of the Formula One lifestyle when he went to see races in his home country of South Africa as a child. Inspired by the technical detail, he studied aeronautics in London before joining Swift Engineering in the US. Here he was involved in the design of IndyCar vehicles, although Swift left the sport at the turn of the millennium.

De Beer joined the Sauber F1 team and worked his way up to become lead aerodynamicist. He was in charge of a team working with Sauber’s large wind tunnel right up until the point the team was bought by BMW. Dirk opted to leave and instead joined Renault and then Ferrari as head of aerodynamics.

At the start of 2017, it was confirmed De Beer would be joining the Williams team, taking up the head of aero position as at the start of March.