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Valencia Street Circuit

Formula 1 circuit

Valencia Street Circuit
Credit: Mercedes
Vital statistics for Valencia Street Circuit
CircuitValencia Street Circuit
Race debut2008
Results for the 2012 European Grand Prix
Pole positionSebastian Vettel
Race winnerFernando Alonso
Fastest lapNico Rosberg

The Valencia circuit played host to the European Grand Prix, and was brought onto the calendar to capitalise on the popularity of double world champion, and Spaniard, Fernando Alonso. The lengthy circuit isn't pretty on the eyes, a sea of grey concrete with a background of industrial docklands, and the sheer number of corners means field spread is a significant problem. Racing is rarely good at the track, and for 2013 it was dropped from the calendar.

F1 history

The European Grand Prix used to be an honorary title, bestowed upon an event already in the calendar. In more recent years, it became an additional race, and the location has usually been reserved for a country very keen on Formula One. Between the years of 1999 and 2007, it was held in Germany, as the country celebrated a rather dominant World Champion.

After that, it moved on to Valencia, becoming a second destination in Spain. The locals, keen to see their favourite world champion Fernando Alonso do well, embraced the race but for motorsport fans it has not been particularly popular. Since the street circuit around the docks of Valencia joined the calendar in 2008, the European Grand Prix gained a reputation for being dull.

Part of the problem with the circuit is aesthetic. Each and every corner looks the same, grey tarmac, grey run off areas, grey concrete walls, no scenery to speak of rising up in the background. There are 24 corners, the most of any circuit, which makes it difficult for drivers to get up any momentum for overtaking. There are just a couple of straights long enough to bear the name, and they do allow a top speed of over 310 km/h, but the stop/start nature of the track disrupts any fluidity and natural flow.

The track was dropped from the F1 calendar ahead of the 2013 season.