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Zero tolerance // Pirelli respond to criticisms about the 2012 tyre compounds

Published by Christine

Pirelli respond to criticisms about the 2012 tyre compounds
Andrew Ferraro/LAT Photographic

Earlier this week, Mercedes driver Michael Schumacher criticised the Pirelli tyres of 2012, suggesting they play too big a part in the racing action. Disappointed with how much they take away from a driver's ability to show his skill, Schumacher described the tyres as "raw eggs."

"I just think that they're playing a much too big effect because they are so peaky and so special that they don't put our cars or ourselves to the limit. We drive like on raw eggs and I don't want to stress the tyres at all. Otherwise you just overdo it and you go nowhere."

After practice today in Spain, teammate Nico Rosberg has also admitted frustration with the tyres, but specifically for Mercedes, rather than the sport as a whole.

"It was very different to winter testing and a lot tougher on the tyres. It has been a very challenging day first of all to see how to get the car right for qualifying and especially how to get it right for the race."

Despite the negative headlines for Pirelli over the last week or so, they remain confident in the product they've provided. Motorsport boss Paul Hembery said:

"At the end of last season the number of people who came to see us and say they were unhappy was zero. And the number of people who have come to see us this season is one. So you have to be reasonably pragmatic."