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Working lunch // Sam Michael talks Pirelli, KERS and testing at Williams FW33 launch

Published by Christine

Sam Michael talks Pirelli, KERS and testing at Williams FW33 launch
Glenn Dunbar/LAT Photographic

Sam Michael has given F1 tyre supplier Pirelli a morale boost by pointing out that they have improved massively over the past few tests, and they have a high benchmark to try and live up to.

Taking to the stage at the Williams FW33 livery launch this week, Michael discussed the technical aspects of the 2011 car, focusing in on the tyres provided by new supplier Pirelli: "I’m quite sure in the first few races we’ll be in two stop strategies, maybe three stop strategies in the early races. I think that will improve as the year goes on."

He also touched upon some of the more radical designs that we are seeing in F1 at the moment: "The interesting thing about Formula One now, if you look at the cars, there are interesting concepts out there. Because the rules have been constrained around the bodywork so much, teams have had to push in other areas.

"Some of these things you could have done before but you didn't because there were much bigger gains to be had for much lower risk."

Finally, he wanted to clear up any concerns from their recent tests, where each day seemed to be tainted with another mechanical problem. Michael said: "We’ve had lots of teething problems that take three minutes to fix but have cost us six hours in the garage... I think we can have a very competitive car, as long as we develop it quickly, I think we can have a very good year with it."