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Water under the bridge - Sergio Pérez moves on from Räikkönen incident in Monaco

Published by Christine

Sergio Pérez moves on from Räikkönen incident in Monaco
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Sergio Pérez is keen to put the incident in Monaco between himself and Lotus driver Kimi Räikkönen firmly behind him, as he approaches the Canadian Grand Prix weekend. Although Kimi has complained loudly about the Mexican's driving techniques, Pérez believes he has the support of the FIA behind him.

"I talked with Charlie [Whiting] straight after race, so for me it was clear - Kimi knew I was there, he did two moves under braking - and he agreed that it was Kimi's fault. The stewards also thought it was a racing incident."

Pérez continues that with some drivers you know you can race, for example, with Ferrari's Fernando Alonso, or Sergio's own teammate Jenson Button, but now he has added Kimi to the list of drivers to be wary of. Despite that, he has no plans to adapt his style, saying: "I have moved on from it. At the end of the day you have to look and see other drivers in that position are losing more than I did, so my approach will be the same."

Although Pérez is moving on with his season, Räikkönen may not be so keen to put the past behind them. At the time of the incident, he labelled Sergio as an idiot and said he deserved to be punched. Now he has also indicated that he'd like the aggressive driving style to be discussed during driver briefings in Montreal.