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Points of view - Double points for season finale "absurd" says champion Vettel

Published by Christine

Double points for season finale
Vladimir Rys

Sebastian Vettel has become the first driver to speak out about the recent rule changes announced by the FIA. Particularly incensed by the concept of double points at the end of the season, Vettel branded the new idea as "absurd."

Talking to German newspapers, Vettel compared the double points to football, suggesting it wouldn't work on the pitch and shouldn't work on track. "This is absurd and punishes those who have worked hard during a whole season. I respect the old traditions in F1 and do not understand this new rule."

Vettel isn't alone in his distaste at the double points initiative, but drivers have so far been concentrating on the idea of permanent numbers. Valtteri Bottas admitted he was pondering 7 (BO77AS), whilst Daniel Ricciardo said he had a number in mind but was keeping quiet about it for now.