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Three cheers - Sebastian Vettel makes it three championships in a row

Published by Christine

Sebastian Vettel makes it three championships in a row
Clive Mason/Getty Images

Sebastian Vettel became the youngest triple F1 World Champion today, after securing the title in Brazil. Vettel moved into the lead of the championship in Korea, after a strong start to the season by Fernando Alonso, and the pair were the only two left fighting for the championship this weekend.

A chaotic race saw Alonso on the podium, but it was not enough to hold back Vettel who won his third championship in a row. Speaking of the victory, Vettel said: "obviously you need be in the right place at the right time, but I also believe that you can create your own luck and work for what is coming up."

He also added: "We have won 2010, 2011 and we had a very smart guy who was telling me the hardest thing was winning after winning, you get the attention and you get the pressure, you focus on how to win again rather than small steps. That is why I try to remember myself, it is another day and another race, make sure we enjoy and it is fine."