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Taking stock // Williams F1 could be floated on the stock market

Published by Christine

Williams F1 could be floated on the stock market
Glenn Dunbar/LAT Photographic

Adam Parr, Patrick Head and Frank Williams watch on in the F1 garage during a session. The three released a statement today confirming that they are contemplating the idea of floating Williams F1 on the stock market to try and ensure the stability of the company in the future.

Chairman of Williams F1, Adam Parr, answered questions within the statement itself, and later on a conference call with the media to quell any rumours surfacing regarding the team. In particular, he touched upon the fact that Frank Williams isn't planning to retire any time soon, and that this announcement hasn't been made due to any health issues.

He also confirmed that it is not a money-making scheme, but simply an idea they are considering to keep the team in safe hands going forward. "We have to think about the long-term future of the team.

"You can't do it overnight and you can't do it in a rush... it is better to plan now, to prepare for the future. If we were to go to the market, it would create a basis for future transactions so I think it's about succession-planning and future-proofing."