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Sunshine after the rain // Paul di Resta makes his F1 debut in Melbourne

Published by Christine

Paul di Resta makes his F1 debut in Melbourne
Force India F1

The pressure was on Paul di Resta, after he was granted a race seat following a full season of shadowing Force India. Ousting Liuzzi from the team, di Resta put in a great qualifying performance to finish ahead of teammate Sutil. He lined up on the grid 14th.

He put in a good, strong race in the mid-field and finished outside of the points but following the disqualification of both Saubers, Paul picks up a single point on his F1 debut.

Di Resta is keen to just keep on learning though, saying: "I did make a few mistakes, especially on in-laps with the procedures that you have to go through. It didn't look so much from the outside but I lost enough time to make a difference of me challenging other people. But it's new and so long as I don't make the same mistake twice, I can move on from that."