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Steer well clear - Jarno Trulli continues to bemoan power steering issues

Published by Christine

Jarno Trulli continues to bemoan power steering issues
Team Lotus

Jarno Trulli continues to be frustrated by the power steering issues he has experienced on his Team Lotus car, with the Italian driver complaining that it is like "driving blindfolded."

In early May, Trulli had hoped the problems would be solved quickly, but it's an issue that is dragging on and is starting to get him down. Talking about his results, he said: "Kovalainen doesn't have these problems, so he goes quicker than me. In qualifying I can never bring out the best, while I do well at race starts, when the car is heavy because of the fuel load. But when it gets lighter it's trouble for me."

The experienced driver has even hinted at the possibility of him leaving F1, although he is focused on getting the best out of this year. He said: "I want to see how things evolve. I'm used to fighting for the podium, for victory. It's tough this way. I could have a look around and leave F1, without quitting racing."