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Second home - Alonso plays second fiddle to Vettel in Monza

Published by Christine

Alonso plays second fiddle to Vettel in Monza
Clive Mason/Getty

Fernando Alonso is chasing Sebastian Vettel for the 2013 championship, and he found himself chasing the German around the Monza track as well. Sebastian's pole position allowed the Red Bull driver to pull away for an early lead that he converted into race victory, with Alonso pulling up from fifth on the grid to finish second. Damage control for the Ferrari driver, particularly around his team's home track in Italy, but Vettel managed to extend his lead in the championship yet again.

Alonso had to make a few tricky passing moves throughout the race, and afterwards spoke of the need to just go for it. "We have to risk, there is nothing to lose now for us, we are second in the championship and we have to take some risks. We did it, and that's okay."