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Right here waiting // HRT start from the beginning all over again

Published by Christine

HRT start from the beginning all over again
Pirelli & C. S.p.A

When HRT launched their new car, the "Your Logo Here" messages on the livery were still in tact. That isn't as bad as it gets, though, as the team couldn't take the F111 out on track due to missing parts. They were due to be shipped in for the final day of testing, but were held up at customs.

Therefore, the first time we get to see the new chassis out on track will be in Australia. It's not the ideal start to HRT's second year in Formula One, and they've been pretty quiet since then. At the time, Colin Kolles simply said: "Unfortunately we could not get the dampers out of customs. The result of this is that we can't run tomorrow. This is life and we will overcome this problem."

He also was sure the team would have been ready, had the season been about to start: "We would have been ready for Bahrain. The point is, in what spec and in which shape we would have been ready for Bahrain. It makes no sense just to get a car out, just to be eligible. It should also be more competitive and in better shape. It's not the primary target just to get a car, but to improve it."