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Positive about recovery - Williams prepared to run KERS in Australia, despite problems

Published by Christine

Williams prepared to run KERS in Australia, despite problems
Glenn Dunbar/LAT Photographic

Following on from the last time they tried to implement KERS, Williams haven't found it an easy process this winter. Despite problems, though, the team have confirmed they will be running their energy recovery device in Melbourne.

Rubens Barrichello was keen for the team to keep the system on board, suggesting that the problems aren't solely with Williams: "KERS seems to be zero problems one day and another day a hundred problems, and then you don't know where it is. From what you read, I think people do have that sort of problem."

KERS troubles aside, Williams have seemed strong throughout testing. Positive reviews are more important than ever, as the team made their debut on the stock market this month. With shareholders to impress, Rubens is confident on the team's performance: "We need to improve a bit on our total performance, but I'm very enthusiastic that that can be done. We're doing okay - performance-wise and to drive the car, it's better than last year's."