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Paul's pit stop practice // Force India refuse to read anything into F1 testing

Published by Christine

Force India refuse to read anything into F1 testing
Force India F1

Every team has said they can't read too much into testing but Force India are taking it to the extreme. Test driver Nico Hülkenberg has said he can read nothing into what has happened so far, saying: "I don't rate cars right now. I don't know. It's too tough to say now. I think even if you analyse all the laptimes and data, there are so many unknown values there that we have to wait and see."

Meanwhile, Adrian Sutil is another driver concerned about the tyre wear on the new Pirelli compounds, particularly the wet weather gear: "We did some running, it was very bad at the beginning, we did a few changes and at least we got it under control in the end and it was a pretty decent run. But performance-wise it was quite far off what I'm used to."

The team didn't run on the final day of testing in Barcelona, which would have given them some extra wet weather practice. Instead, their final day was shared between Adrian Sutil and Paul di Resta, finishing 10th and 11th.