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Outstanding work - McLaren admit chances of a 2013 victory are slim

Published by Christine

McLaren admit chances of a 2013 victory are slim
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McLaren have had a very difficult first half to the season, and although things are starting to turn around slowly, the team are under no false illusions that they'll see drastically better results over the next few months.

Managing Director Jonathan Neale has said they aren't expecting to win a race this year, not least because their focus has switched to 2014 by now. "We worked incredibly hard to take a package of upgrades to Hungary. We didn't get everything on the package that we were expecting, so there's still outstanding work to do and we'll continue that over Spa.

"But we certainly haven't achieved what we wanted to with this car, and there remains an awful lot of work to do to make sure we properly understand that and get ourselves in good shape for next season."

Meanwhile, Jenson Button reiterates those thoughts going into the Belgian Grand Prix this weekend. The Brit won at Spa in 2012 but knows a repeat performance this season will be very difficult: "We don't go to Spa with the package to win, but I'll still be making the most of every single lap around this place - it'll still feel incredible."