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One voter against FOTA - HRT leaves the Formula One Teams Association

Published by Christine

HRT leaves the Formula One Teams Association
Hispania Racing

A battle is beginning to rage between HRT and FOTA, as the team pulled out of the association last week. They say they decided in December that they didn't want to be a part of the organisation anymore, as it only looks out for the interests of the bigger teams. FOTA hit back suggesting that Hispania hadn't paid their bills.

Now it seems that HRT are claiming they offered to pay their outstanding membership fees and throwing the ball back in FOTA's court. Meanwhile, Martin Whitmarsh spoke out today about the problems the group are having with both HRT (the only F1 team on the grid that is not a part of FOTA anymore), and with coming to a compromise on the Resource Restriction Agreement.

He said: "We have some issues, and it is not useful to talk about them in public, but we will power through those."