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Not terribly important - Bernie Ecclestone wouldn't take chances on GP2 race

Published by Christine

Bernie Ecclestone wouldn't take chances on GP2 race
Drew Gibson/GP2 Media Service

With political problems in Bahrain escalating, Bernie Ecclestone is keeping a close eye on the situation. A decision on whether the F1 event should be cancelled will likely be taken next week, but the GP2 Asia series has already been halted after safety at the Bahrain International Circuit was compromised.

Perhaps a little less than tactfully, when questioned about the cancellation, Ecclestone said: "That's an Asian series so it's not terribly important, and we didn't want to take chances so we pulled it."

This morning, Bernie was hopeful that things in Bahrain would improve but later he spoke to 5live and added: "I don't know what has happened this afternoon because I've been travelling but from what I've been told it's a bit different to this morning because of this funeral that's gone on which is what you would expect I suppose."

After the first day of testing in Barcelona, Formula One teams met and discussed the issue of the upcoming test in Bahrain, but have simply decided to wait and see what Formula One Management decide. At the moment, it seems wait and see is all we can do, too.