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No sign of stopping - Kimi gets ready for his first full weekend back in F1

Published by Christine

Kimi gets ready for his first full weekend back in F1
Matthew Garrard

Kimi Räikkönen signs for the fans ahead of the Australian Grand Prix weekend. After the first day of practice today in Melbourne, the Finn seemed unconvinced about his new machinery, particularly in terms of the steering.

“We didn’t really learn much from today due to the weather, but it’s the same for everyone. We tried a different steering rack in the first session. It would have been fine to run, but we knew that the base system would be better. The setup we have now is working well, it may take a while before we get it perfect but we’ll make the best of it. Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow and we’ll be happier after qualifying. I didn’t push too hard today; if it’s dry tomorrow we’ll have a better idea of what we need to do.”

The weather has been tricky, with damp conditions affecting the running of all involved. However, the team have high hopes for the weekend ahead. Kimi's teammate Romain Grosjean recently tried to analyse their position:

"I'm optimistic. It is always difficult when you are sharing days. Sometimes there is a lot of track evolution, sometimes there is less, but it was good for everybody to be more towards the front than the rear. It's hard to give a standing. There are two teams in front - McLaren and Red Bull, who seem very strong. Mercedes, I'm not sure about, but then it seems quite packed."