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McBusted - The Woking team rack up just 100 laps over three days in Barcelona

Published by Christine

The Woking team rack up just 100 laps over three days in Barcelona
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Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso are desperately trying to keep their spirits high despite the disappointments of testing in Spain so far. After a slow first week in Jerez, the McLaren team were hoping Barcelona would deliver better things. Unfortunately, their running was curtailed on Thursday due to a faulty part, and the replacements didn't arrive until Saturday. When they did, it turned out not to be the solution the car required, and more engineering is needed on the faulty MGU-K seal that is causing many of their problems.

Button was in the car on Saturday, stopping out on track on occasion and being kept in the garage whilst repairs were made. He dismisses the idea that McLaren are in for another tough season to add to their collection. "Everyone else out there has so much experience with these power units whereas Honda obviously doesn't so it looks worse than it is. There are problems which we need to solve which we will solve.

"I hope the next test will be a good one for us in terms of mileage so we can feel confidence going to the first race and make the most of what we have and push the car to the limit. Every time I get in the car, everything feels right - I just haven't pushed this car yet."

New to the team Fernando Alonso isn't quite so confident, saying after his limited running on Friday: "We will arrive to Australia hoping Australia was in June or July, but it's in March and I don't know if we will arrive completely ready. But what I'm sure is we'll arrive in the best conditions we can."