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Masked by reliability - McLaren drivers positive despite apparent lack of pace

Published by Christine

McLaren drivers positive despite apparent lack of pace
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Both Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button have spoken out in a positive way after McLaren have appeared to struggle so far in testing. Although fuel loads and setup programmes are not known, the team have been slightly off the pace over the winter.

Lewis Hamilton is remaining positive though: "You never know when that could happen so let's keep our fingers crossed and try to keep an eye on what the guys are doing. I know everyone's working as hard as they can. No one's slacking or sitting back. We know we have a bit of a hill to climb, but we can do it."

He has plenty of experience of the team working hard to overcome problems, and with so many resources behind them, McLaren can bring new parts to the car exceptionally fast.

On the flip side, Jenson Button isn't sure the problem is as big as some are making out. After climbing out of the car for the final time, and having suffered mechanical troubles throughout the day, the Brit said: "I think we learnt some positive things. Today was never about pace, as we weren't running lower fuel loads, but there is pace in the car - it's just been masked by reliability issues."