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Light at the end of the tunnel - Mercedes finally get some good running in on Day 3 in Jerez

Published by Christine

Mercedes finally get some good running in on Day 3 in Jerez
Mercedes AMG Petronas

The sun sets on Mercedes' third day in Jerez, and upon a test day where they finally got some significant mileage completed. After only 11 laps for Nico Rosberg on the first day, after which they curtailed running due to a faulty wiring loom, Lewis Hamilton took over for day two. He only had the chance to complete 15 laps before the brakes failed and he spun off into the barriers.

Third time lucky, and Nico Rosberg was back behind the wheel to complete a whopping 148 laps over the course of the day. As Rosberg explained afterwards: "I'm very happy with today and I think it was probably a personal record for me to do almost 150 laps. I've never been so well prepared physically as I am this season; I feel on top form and it was no problem to complete the programme.

"To drive the distance from Silverstone to Spa in one day with no problems whatsoever is a fantastic achievement from the team. It really made up for the last two days and put a smile on everybody's face."