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It's not easy being green - Kamui Kobayashi escapes penalty after stewards find car failure

Published by Christine

Kamui Kobayashi escapes penalty after stewards find car failure
Alastair Staley/LAT Photographic

Kamui Kobayashi's comeback race in the Caterham ended in disaster, as the Japanese driver found himself careering off track at the first corner, taking out Felipe Massa at the same time. Both drivers were out of the race before one lap was completed, and initially, Kobayashi apologised to the Brazilian for the accident.

The stewards waited until after the race to investigate the incident, and subsequently found that Kobayashi wasn't to blame, instead it was down to a "serious technical failure completely outside the control of the driver." Kamui updated his own stance on the situation, saying: "Find out system fail was no rear brake so this was problem of accident. Sorry to Felipe but was not my mistake."

In the heat of the moment, Massa likened the incident to Romain Grosjean's first lap accident at Spa and suggested a similar penalty should be handed out - a one race ban. Hopefully he has calmed down given some time, space, and the news that it was car failure and not driver mistake. A disappointing race weekend for the Brazilian, however, particularly as teammate Valtteri Bottas put on a good show to pick up some healthy points for the Williams team.