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Freshly pressed - Sergio Pérez faces the media on his first day at McLaren

Published by Christine

Sergio Pérez faces the media on his first day at McLaren
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Sergio Pérez presented himself at the McLaren Technology Centre today, joining the team for his first day at work under the watchful eye of a handful of F1 media. He also transmitted live to the public via a Google Hangout, and had plenty to say about the upcoming challenges. Particularly, though, he knows he's in for some hard work.

"I want to understand the car quite a lot in terms of set-up for me to be able to have a good communication with my engineers, and it is a very important part for me to build my relationship with my engineers, with my team and get together so when I get to the first test I have as much familiarisation as possible with the whole team. Then when we get to Melbourne I want to be very well prepared so that everything comes automatically, so I don't have to think of many things."

He also talked of the increased pressure on a driver as soon as they join a top team, saying: "I think the biggest challenge is to win. We are all here to win, and the challenge we are all facing at McLaren is to win. This is the target. I think definitely when you come into McLaren you are expected to win every race because you are in the best team - and if you are not winning there is something wrong."