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Fast track - Webber prepares for Canada by getting on his bike

Published by Christine

Webber prepares for Canada by getting on his bike
Red Bull

You'd forgive Mark Webber for laying down his bicycle for a while, after several broken bones over the last few years due to cycling accidents. However, the Australian has taken himself off the main roads to prepare for the Canadian Grand Prix with a bit of mountain biking at Mont Rigaud.

Webber was excited about the chance to train with skiing world champion Erik Guay, and explained how he likes to chop and change his routines: "It is a few days before the race but we can't wrap ourselves in cotton wool. I have to train anyway, to make sure I’m fit and well. Having a mixture of different activities is good for me. The variety is important and keeps me motivated. And frankly, mountain biking is probably a bit safer than riding on the roads!"

Thankfully, Mark got through this bike ride in one piece, and will repay the favour by inviting Erik into the Red Bull garage this weekend, as Mark vies for his first race win of the season.