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Edge of darkness - The safety car leads Mercedes during the Monaco GP

Published by Christine

The safety car leads Mercedes during the Monaco GP
Pirelli S.p.A.

The safety car appeared twice during the Monaco Grand Prix, after two incidents brought the marshals out on track to recover cars and debris. Their swift action meant the interruptions were brief, and the slow periods were kept to a minimum. For Mercedes, the safety car saw one of their drivers hindered in terms of desired strategy.

Lewis Hamilton complained on the radio that he should have come into the pit lane before the safety car came out, and as the strategy favours the lead car, he was always going to be on the back foot. The relationships at Mercedes took knocks from all directions during this weekend, as the battle for supremacy in the 2014 season reaches new heights of pressure.

In media interviews post-race, Hamilton declared that he and Rosberg were no longer friends, whereas Nico preferred not to comment but did say their relationship would not be affected. Where can they go from here? We know that Canada is next, geographically, but psychologically, the next race is a big unknown.