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Don't let me stop you - Ross Brawn unsure about the possibility of mandatory pit stops

Published by Christine

Ross Brawn unsure about the possibility of mandatory pit stops
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Although the regulation changes for the 2014 are already set to mix things up considerably, there are still suggestions pouring forth for further tweaks that could help improve Formula One for the fans. Ross Brawn has aired his negative feelings about the potential for a mandatory two pit stops per race, a proposal being put to the F1 Strategy Group.

Brawn, who leaves his team principal role at Mercedes this year, isn't convinced that regulating strategy is the way forward. He says: "As soon as you start messing about with the strategy from a management point of view... if you said "what's wrong with it?" I couldn't tell you but intuitively I don't think it is right to have a regulated number of pitstops. It is such a difficult thing to optimise because how conservative do the tyres need to be to allow the drivers to drive flat out for the whole race?"

There have been plenty of discussions through the 2013 season regarding the Pirelli tyres, and a lot of blame placed at their door for the evolution of racing action, but Ross Brawn beliebes it was always going to happen: "I think we are evolving in a direction that is an inevitable consequence of a one-supplier formula and it is not the fault of the supplier."

The Strategy Group, who will meet in December to discuss the new proposals, is a new controversial body made up of representatives from the FIA, FOM and just six of the teams on the grid. The outfit is charged with considering the regulations, a task previously completed by the sporting and technical working groups.