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Centre of attention - Mark Webber opens up about Bahrain from a driver's point of view

Published by Christine

Mark Webber opens up about Bahrain from a driver's point of view
Mark Thompson

Mark Webber has been very quiet in the build up to the Chinese Grand Prix, and he, like many others in the F1 paddock, has one eye on the upcoming Bahrain race instead. Webber has been one of the few to speak out about the decision whether to race in Bahrain or not, but the Australian driver admits that the grid have to put their trust into the governing body.

"We can only go on what the FIA are reading into the situation and we are putting an immense amount of trust in them in going to and from the track each day, competing at the track and having a normal grand prix weekend. There are some massive decisions to be made."

Despite having to place the option of whether to race or not into the hands of others, Webber has said he is trying to keep informed about the situation in Bahrain.

"I've tried to watch the news to get the most balanced view that I can possibly get without being too corrupted with other information... If I have a choice, then I want to race. That's what I want to do. But saying that, you cannot ignore the fact that in the back of your mind there are a lot of good people in our sport and all of them want it to go down smoothly."