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Ceccarelli attests to rest // Renault doctor confirms no date for Kubica's F1 comeback

Published by Christine

Renault doctor confirms no date for Kubica's F1 comeback
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Robert Kubica continues to recover from his rallying accident at the beginning of February, but Renault's doctor still says it is too early to predict any kind of return to racing. Ricardo Ceccarelli serves as the team physician and has been spending time at the Barcelona paddock recently. However, Robert Kubica is still one of his priorities, and he shared some details about the Pole's recovery.

"Robert is getting better every day. I see that he is recovering, psychologically and physically, very quickly. This is not a surprise for us because we know Robert very well. But it is a big surprise for the doctors of the Pietra Ligure hospital - so this is good news because they are satisfied how he is reacting to the surgery and all the injuries he had."

Ceccarelli added that Kubica is still in the same Italian hospital, as they have everything he needs for his recuperation, specifically physiotherapists for his hand. He refuses to be drawn on any predictions for when or if the Renault driver might make a comeback though.

"This is not my style. I can answer only what I know... If you ask me if I have hopes, I say yes, of course. If you ask me if I have an opinion? No, I don't have."