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Big yellow taxi - Renault reveal yellow livery for 2016 works team return

Published by Christine

Renault reveal yellow livery for 2016 works team return
Renault Sport

Adding a splash of colour to a muted livery palette this season, Renault revealed their official paint job for the 2016 season, bringing back their yellow branding in style. The launch of the livery was undertaken with a litany of Australian stereotypes - the car was revealed perching on a surfboard, and the drivers appeared in shorts and flip flops - but even so, it was a refreshing glimpse of colour to add to the grid this weekend.

Managing director Cyril Abiteboul explained why the team had gone for such a striking look: "Today is about what's in the season to come, and the important thing is the colour, that it says a lot about your identity and who you stand for. I look around and it looks like people are trying to disappear from the tarmac, so we've gone for something different."

He mentioned that yellow is the traditional Renault colour, since the 1940s, and that the team are opting for a matt finish - like the Red Bull - rather than the slightly heavier gloss paint. Naturally, the drivers aren't worried about what colour it is, as long as it can go just a little bit faster than last year's efforts.