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Balance transfer - Trulli hits out at regulation changes and tyre balance problems

Published by Christine

Trulli hits out at regulation changes and tyre balance problems
Pirelli & C. S.p.A.

Jarno Trulli has spoken out against the new for 2011 Pirelli tyres, suggesting that the rubber needs a lot more work before it is acceptable to race. The Lotus driver ranted that the tyres are missing something in development, after the teams completed a four-day test in Barcelona this past weekend.

Trulli is not the only one to raise concerns about the tyres, but his worry is slightly different to the problems with tyre wear we have seen so far. "In my opinion tyre wear is secondary compared to the tyre's balance problems, because at the moment you get on the track with a new tyre that initially is understeering, and after three laps the behaviour is the opposite, that is impossible oversteering."

Pirelli have defended their compounds this year, suggesting the high tyre degredation is something that has been worked out in conjunction with the FIA - in a bid to improve overtaking and encourage two pit stops per race.

Creating a show is also on the forefront of Trulli's mind, as he is not only worried about the four corners of his car, but equally all the changes that are happening in the chassis as well. "A spectator can't always be chasing the changing regulations, like refuelling, number of pit stops, F-duct and KERS. Can a spectator get passionate about KERS? People at home want to understand, and if we carry on changing the regulations every year we are just creating confusion."