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Back to back - Ricciardo prepares for the first of two tricky tracks

Published by Christine

Ricciardo prepares for the first of two tricky tracks
Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Daniel Ricciardo went about his preparations for the Japanese Grand Prix in the usual fashion, but did find time to get a local blessing and spend some time honing his meditation techniques. The Australia driver is third in the standings behind the two Mercedes drivers and is looking for a win this weekend, so every little bit of good luck helps.

"Receiving a blessing was a nice experience, obviously before the race weekend, it’s nice to have some good positive energy and thoughts blessed upon me.

"The zen meditation was another new experience for me. It was nice, I think it’s something I can use in my sport, in my racing. It really teaches you to control your emotions and just understand how your body and mind work together. Definitely nice to learn some new techniques and to see how the locals do it as well."

Unfortunately, the blessing either didn't work, or ran out too soon, as Ricciardo crashed in second practice, ending his session in the tyre barriers.