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Sidepodfilmclub - Love Actually - A little bit of Christmas spirit to soothe our souls

Published by Christine

Well, this is a surprise, isn't it? After an impromptu Giggles Radio this afternoon, we are going to indulge in an unscheduled Film Club session as well. We were all supposed to be attending a meetup in London today, but the adverse weather conditions in the UK have put pay to those plans. We will not let it get us down, though, and we're having just as much fun entertaining each other in the comments.

Now, we have watched three films together in the Sidepodfilmclub previously, and they have all been car or motorsport related. The next one on the list was to be Grand Prix, and whilst we are still keen on watching that one (it's even appeared as an iTunes rental), we really need something nice and Christmassy to cheer us all up. Hence, today, we're watching... Love Actually.

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Love it or hate it, you can't argue that it's the ultimate Christmas film. I have a well-documented heart of stone and even I secretly love it a little bit. In fact, you can find out exactly how I feel about the movie, as I'll be manning the Factbyte Factbox as we indulge.

We'll get set to go at 8pm UK time, so if you have a handy copy of Love Actually, or if you can source one from somewhere, then reserve your spot on the sofa, grab some popcorn, and we will meet back here then.

As it happened: SidepodFilmClub - Festive Special

  • 19:28

    Hello party people. Are you ready for some Love Actually? I am just heating up some popcorn, so I will be with you shortly!

  • 19:37

    Well that didn't work out. Microwave popcorn is hard.

  • 19:38

    Anyway, we are gathered here today to watch that oh-so-festive movie, that claims to be the "ultimate romantic comedy."

  • 19:38

    It's fair to say it's one of Mr C's favourite films.

  • 19:39

    It stars pretty much everyone you've ever heard of with lots and lots of stories all happening at the same time. Fun!

  • 19:40

    That is just some of the people.

  • 19:41

    Our popcorn endeavour has failed, but do you have snacks? Let us know what you're indulging in on this wintry evening.

  • 19:42

    QuoteComment from Lukeh: I has jammy rings. they're like mini jammy dodgers but yummier #controversy

  • 19:43

    QuoteComment from me: i have saved the day with pringles and dip.

  • 19:43

    Plus a little bit of wine, too. I need wine to get through this film.

  • 19:44

    QuoteComment from Kai: I just had my apple pancakes with strawberries. yummy.

    That does sound yummy!

  • 19:45

    Love Actually was originally released in 2003 - that's 7 years ago. Crazy. Written and directed by the lovely Richard Curtis, of course.

  • 19:47

    The film was nominated in two BAFTA categories, best supporting actor in Bill Nighy and best supporting actress in Emma Thompson. He won and she didn't, which is mighty unfair because she is excellent.

  • 19:48

    Rotton Tomatoes, who we tend to fundamentally disagree with at Sidepodcast HQ, have given this a rating of 63%.

  • 19:49

    They say: "A sugary tale overstuffed with too many stories. Still, the cast charms."

  • 19:49

    QuoteComment from Lukeh: But Bill Nighy is brilliant too in all fairness!

    I cannot argue with that.

  • 19:51

    Love Actually start frameMr C has chosen this as the start frame, if you want to get in readiness for 8pm. God knows what it is.

  • 19:51

    I think it might be the curvature of the Earth bit of the Universal globe.

  • 19:55

    If you're worried about hitting start at the right time, we have a countdown on the Factbyte Factbox. When it hits zero, press PLAY.

  • 19:55

    We're at 4 and a half minutes now.

  • 19:57

    Lukeh's setupLukeh is ready and waiting. I hope you are too!

  • 19:57

    Two minutes to go!!

  • 19:58

    One minute countdown.

  • 20:00

    Green flagWe are go, go, go!

  • 20:01

    People hugging and kissing at the airport. I wonder how many people sit at home thinking: "That's ME!"

  • 20:02

    "Love actually is all around."

  • 20:02

    Bill Nighy doing the song that was number one for three gazillion years for Wet, Wet, Wet.

  • 20:03

    QuoteComment from me: I ? this film!

    It's barely even started yet!!

  • 20:04

    QuoteComment from Lukeh: This film shows a whole new side of Hugh, he goes for the english charming guy like no other film he has ever done

  • 20:04

    My favourite is Andrew Lincoln and Kiera Knightley. I'm just putting that out there now.

  • 20:05

    That's Colin Firth, in storyline no. 1.

  • 20:05

    Liam Neeson in storyline no. 2.

  • 20:05

    Emma Thompson! I love her more than I even thought!

  • 20:06

    QuoteComment from Lukeh: oh my GOD its liam neeson!!! Ive never realised he was in this film... honestly...

  • 20:06

    Liam Neeson off of the A-Team!

  • 20:06

    Nick from My Family in storyline no.3. I'm losing count already!

  • 20:06

    That's Joanna Page from Gavin and Stacey! There may be a lot of this going on today.

  • 20:07

    Hugh Grant as the Prime Minister. I wish he was the Prime Minister.

  • 20:08

    He was in Teachers. She was in Teachers too! Half the cast are from Teachers!

  • 20:09

    That's a lot of swearing from a pretty girl!

  • 20:09

    "That is so inconvenient." He knows already that he loves the sweary girl. Bless.

  • 20:12

    QuoteComment from me: how early in this film is it appropriate to cry?

  • 20:12

    Too early yet, young man.

  • 20:12

    I have given up keeping track of the various storylines because they keep crossing.

  • 20:13

    Do people really go to America just to get a girlfriend?

  • 20:14

    QuoteComment from lou: not now?.. what is there to cry about now?


  • 20:16

    "The immortal genius of the Bay City Rollers." Perfect.

  • 20:18

    This is another storyline, no. 4 or 5. Emma Thompson's husband and the secretary.

  • 20:19

    He is a fun boss, aside from the cheating thing.

  • 20:20

    QuoteComment from Lukeh: Is that marcus brigstocke?!


  • 20:20

    Changing the word love to Christmas would make a lot of songs very different, I think.

  • 20:22

    You would not hear an X Factor star being honest like that!

  • 20:22

    QuoteComment from Lukeh: He's like the richard curtis' version of rage against the machine

  • 20:24

    It tells a lot of how you feel about a person by which biscuits you give them.

  • 20:25

    I feel like I should be offended by Colin's opinion, but it's hard to be mad at Nick from My Family.

  • 20:27

    I love generic film cereal. Like we don't all know what Frosted Flakes are really.

  • 20:28

    I do like how Emma manages to convey sympathy but still be totally unsympathetic. I have at least half of that down!

  • 20:29

    I must say, the child annoys me a little.

  • 20:30

    QuoteComment from Kai: This kid is awesome. and Lukeh: I think he's lovely!

    I might be outnumbered though!

  • 20:31

    I forgot about this storyline. It might actually give Andrew Lincoln's a run for it's money.

  • 20:32

    This storyline being Colin Firth going to a cabin to write.

  • 20:32

    I like to think conversations like this happen at Number 10 all the time.

  • 20:33

    "The SAS are absolutely charming."

  • 20:34

    Ant & Dec!

  • 20:34


  • 20:34

    "Yes I have, Ant or Dec." Perhaps Bill Nighy does deserve that BAFTA after all!

  • 20:39

    We're sort of keeping count of the people who aren't really famous in this one. The cleaner girl, and the secretary that tempts Alan Rickman.

  • 20:40

    Billy Bob! Surely he should be busy saving the world from rogue asteroids?? Bruce needs him.

  • 20:41

    It's amusing that he'd fall out with the whole of America because of Martine.

  • 20:43

    QuoteComment from Lukeh: I cant imagine this actually happening. Would be awesme though!

    Hugh for PM!

  • 20:45

    Argh, Jo Whiley. Boo.

  • 20:46

    I thought it was Girls Aloud version of Jump in this.

  • 20:46

    It must be weird having a half-house, half-office.

  • 20:48

    I think I would probably just jump in with my clothes on, but maybe they do things differently in Portugal.

  • 20:50

    The international sign for crime is doing a weeh-weeh-weeh sound with the knife.

  • 20:51

    You can tell their relationship has moved on, as they no longer have to talk to each other in the car.

  • 20:53

    That's an ACTUAL video.

  • 20:56

    "It's a self-preservation thing." I love that line.

  • 20:57

    QuoteComment from Lukeh: oh i havent heard this dido song in... a year, since the last time i watched this. Good song.

  • 20:58

    Aww. Big mean Prime Minister Hugh. Redistributing her doesn't sound pleasant.

  • 20:59

    A film inside a film!

  • 20:59

    Is Titanic the film to make you feel better? I'd have thought more comedy than tragedy.

  • 21:02

    I don't want to break the mood, but I feel like he shouldn't really be parked there.

  • 21:03

    The boy called him Daniel and not Dad. Is he step-dad then? I missed that.

  • 21:04

    I want a blackboard on my bedroom door.

  • 21:05

    Boo. Silly woman with devil ears. Emma is so much nicer!

  • 21:06

    You know it's bad if Blue are outselling you 5-1.

  • 21:07

    I would be ever so slightly suspicious of the DJ who stopped Justin Timberlake halfway through to play a slow song. A bit convenient!

  • 21:08

    I don't find that Carl fella all that attractive.

  • 21:10

    QuoteComment from Lukeh: i find her flat really odd

    I quite like the open bedroom bit, but that only really works if you live by yourself, otherwise there is no peace and quiet!

  • 21:14

    QuoteComment from Lukeh: has he been tango'd?

    In that last shot he looked radioactive!

  • 21:15

    These people all have very neat and fancy looking bedrooms.

  • 21:16

    What does that office actually do?

  • 21:17

    Christmas Shopping is dire.

  • 21:18

    QuoteComment from Lukeh: Rowan Atkinson is actually amazing in this bit :D

  • 21:19

    Always so no to giftwrapping!

  • 21:22

    A lobster in the nativity!

  • 21:24

    Oh my God, she's in Mad Men!

  • 21:25

    Ahh, good soundtrack for this film. The Calling.

  • 21:27

    QuoteComment from Lukeh: imagine the electricity bill on that house!

    And they said they weren't rich!

  • 21:29

    He's so mean to lovely Emma. If I was gonna cry at any bit, it would be that! But I'm not. Mr C, tears yet?

  • 21:30

    QuoteComment from me:

  • 21:31

    QuoteComment from Alison: That all happened because they opened their presents early!!!

    That's true! Bad form.

  • 21:31

    I like what the kid says, but I find it annoying because no kid talks like that.

  • 21:32

    Woooo, Billy gets Christmas number 1

  • 21:35

    Colin Firth doesn't seem like he fits the name Jamie.

  • 21:37

    Woo, my favourite bit!

  • 21:37

    "(And at Christmas you tell the truth.)" I don't know that rule.

  • 21:39

    Mr C! Tears! I have spotted the tears!

  • 21:40

    Hehehe. Bill Nighy is brilliant. I concede.

  • 21:41

    I do love seeing men trying to be manly after a hug.

  • 21:42

    Martine is telling the truth to Hugh Grant as well now, because it's Christmas. I have clearly missed out on this Christmas Truth business.

  • 21:42

    I always assumed it was the time of goodwill, not honesty.

  • 21:43

    "Oh god, it's the longest street in the world." Hehe, Hugh for PM!

  • 21:44

    QuoteComment from me: tears of laughter now

  • 21:44

    That is quite a classic few minutes of film.

  • 21:46

    Octopus? With a lobster and Barney? These nativities aren't like they used to be.

  • 21:47

    This whole Hugh bit is worth the entire film of mush, I swear.

  • 21:49

    Hugh and Emma together. Lovely.

  • 21:52

    Can you really teach yourself to play the drums in five weeks?

  • 21:56

    "My little lobster."

  • 21:57

    Claudia Schiffer. Schueffer. Shifeur. I don't know. HER!!

  • 21:57

    QuoteComment from Kai: Aw, he just called him Dad.

    Ohhhh, now it makes sense!

  • 21:59

    I just got that she referenced her sister earlier, regarding her weight. And that's her sister. Ahhh, pay attention Christine.

  • 22:00

    Rowan is a gem.

  • 22:01

    A little kid will always outrun you. Always.

  • 22:02

    It's worrying how easy it is for the boy to get through so many levels of security though.

  • 22:04

    How did he know where she would be in Portugal, when he last saw her in France?

  • 22:05

    QuoteComment from Lukeh: Because he's Colin Firth, he knows his stuff

  • 22:06

    "Just in cases." Aww.

  • 22:07

    I'm sad that Emma doesn't leave the film happy.

  • 22:08

    The PM would not walk through general arrivals. Not a chance.

  • 22:09

    QuoteComment from Kai: I'm sad about Emma, too, FBFB, but I guess it's how it goes sometimes with love, actually.

    That's true! I'd probably be more annoyed if they were all happy endings!

  • 22:10

    Great movie. Feel-good stuff (apart from Emma), and Mr C is in floods of happy tears. Who could ask for anything more?

  • 22:13

    Thank you to everyone who joined us today. It's safe to say that an afternoon of Giggles Radio and Love Actually has cheered everyone up.

  • 22:13

    You're all excellent, and we must do this more often.

  • 22:14

    Love actually is all around.

Well, this is a surprise, isn't it? After an impromptu Giggles Radio this afternoon, we are going to indulge in an unscheduled Film Club session as well. We were all supposed to be attending a meetup in London today, but the adverse weather conditions in the UK have put pay to those plans. We will not let it get us down, though, and we're having just as much fun entertaining each other in the comments.

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