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Rehearsals - A few tweaks to the live setup require some practice time

Published by Christine

We've been using our weekend "off" to make some changes to the studio, start consolidating all the good things we have and trying to make everything better. More importantly, we want to make our lives just that little bit easier, and to do that, we need to practice.

Hence, this live rehearsal. This is not a show. I don't even know what we're going to achieve, but we're going against the grain and ignoring the "rehearsals are for wimps" mantra.

If you're around, feel free to join in the comments, ask us questions, get involved. It's not meant to be any kind of show, I doubt it will be entertaining, but your company is always welcome.

We've been using our weekend

Event start

19:00GMT +01:00

5 July 2009