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Children in Need 2010 - Fun, games and music with a serious message and motive

Published by Christine

Yes, you read that right. I'm posting a live thread for the epic charity telethon. As mentioned a few times before (mostly on my personal blog), I will be Factbyte Factboxing the extravaganza for a variety of reasons. The most important one is for a bit of practice, and of course, to have lots of fun.

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The thing about Children in Need is not to take it too seriously, and you can guarantee that with fabulous people in the comments and hopefully some facts from me along the way, it's going to be a blast.

There's all kinds of things to watch out for, including an exclusive glimpse of the Doctor Who Christmas special, some people doing some dancing, and the BBC newsreaders doing something embarrassing.

It all kicks off at 7pm UK time, and will feature on BBC One both on TV, and via the iPlayer. If you're around for even part of the evening, I'd love you to say hello!

As it happened: 2010 Children In Need

  • 18:30


  • 18:30

    I mean, hello!

  • 18:31

    Welcome to the Factbyte Factbox for Children in Need 2010. I will be with you for the next seven hours... wait a minute... seven hours? No one told me that when I signed up!

  • 18:32

    We have a live commenting thread up and running: and I can heartily recommend the dashboard:

  • 18:33

    I can tenuously link this entire FBFB to F1, because Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton are due on screen in just under an hour.

  • 18:34

    TweetTweet from @TheFifthDriver: Don't forget it's Children In Need today & Lewis & Jenson will be on the appeal show tonight at 7.20pm. Dig deep for Pudsey! #pudsey2010

  • 18:37

    Did you know Pudsey himself is on Twitter? and you should definitely follow the hashtag #pudsey2010

  • 18:38

    There's also a bit of an initiative to add digital Pudsey ears to your pictures: Unfortunately they call it "pudseyfying" which is clearly not acceptable.

  • 18:42

    TweetTweet from @turkey_machine: @sidepodcast @mrschristine i cacn and will quintuple that.

    Turkey Machine has fantastically agreed to sponsor the Factbyte Factbox £5 an hour. Seven hours seems more doable if we're raising money for charity too. Many thanks TM!

  • 18:43

    QuoteComment from RG: In tenous racing links, North East and Cumbria are doing their local reporting from Cockermouth, who is the home town of WRC driver Matthew Wilson.

  • 18:46

    Some other things we have in store - a special edition of Strictly Come Dancing, a sneak peek at the Christmas Special of Doctor Who, and some kind of mashup between Coronation Street and Eastenders.

  • 18:48

    The night will be hosted by Terry Wogan (national treasure) and Tess Daly (not so much), with some Fearne Cotton thrown in for good measure.

  • 18:50

    QuoteComment from me: 1st tess daly slight of the evening from the fbfb. wonder how many there will be before the end of the night?

    Maybe you should sponsor them!

  • 18:53

    Just under ten minutes until the show starts. Who will they get to sing the opening number?

  • 18:53

    My money is on Robbie Williams. He seems to be a BBC favourite at the moment.

  • 18:55

    We have a vote for JLS. I really should have done a poll!

  • 18:58

    It's starting! Turn on your TV!

  • 18:59

    Green flagShow started!

  • 19:00

    Cheryl Cole! Darn. It's obvious when you think about it.

  • 19:02

    QuoteComment from Lukeh: FBFB I;m sure they will roll out the Robbie and Take That when they really want some money at prime time hours :)

  • 19:03

    This isn't the super duper high energy opener I would hope for, but I'm sure Ms Cole/Tweed is very popular.

  • 19:04

    Tess is wearing a purple dress with a drapey back. It's a nice colour, but it looks a bit funny on her because she is so tall. I don't know if this is a dig or not, Mr C.

  • 19:04

    The first reading of the number 03457 33 22 33.

  • 19:04

    They have Cheryl Cole, but we have a widget!

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  • 19:06

    TweetTweet from @couchpotatoadam: I'm only here for Peter Andre's "tribute" to Michael Jackson. Gonna be a TV highlight of 2010, either way. #childreninneed #pudsey2010

  • 19:07

    PudseyOoh, it's the Harry Potter people. They are doing their best reading the teleprompter. Ron Weasley isn't blinking though.

  • 19:09

    In the BT Tower, Peter Andre is being shadowed by a big yellow bear. Apparently there are 5,000 people around the country plus those in the tower to take the calls.

  • 19:10

    The phones are manned by Eastenders people. I wish I could tell you who they are, but it's been a while since I checked in with Albert Square. I should have done my homework, but you wouldn't wish that on me, would you?

  • 19:12

    I am seeing that Westlife have taken to the stage in Northern Ireland. I would like to be in Glasgow, where there is some We Will Rock You action ahead.

  • 19:13

    PudseyPudsey is on the road, making cookies with some kids to raise money. Now he's on a shopping spree in Asda. I love Pudsey!

  • 19:14
    Notable Donation
    Raised by Asda
  • 19:14

    Did I spot Blush in that little segment? I was hoping they'd axed her.

  • 19:16

    We've run headlong into a segment where the man that cleans the windows at Canary Wharf is dragging Chris Evans up there with him.

  • 19:16

    It's quite high.

  • 19:16

    Am I the only one that likes the word squeegee?

  • 19:17

    In real life, without Chris Evans, there are 4,000 windows and it takes 4 men a month to get round the whole building. They just keep going round and round.

  • 19:18

    Amusingly, Evans suggests the hardest bit is getting out of the basket thing once they are back at the top of the building. He makes a... erm... graceful exit.

  • 19:19

    The F1 bit!

  • 19:20

    Helen Skelton arrives in a kart, saying she's recruited Button and Hamilton to help her give some young carers a great day karting and the like.

  • 19:20

    I must say Jenson is better at reading from the prompter than the Harry Potter people were. Who would have thought?

  • 19:21

    They're playing The Chain!

  • 19:22

    Jenson may be cheating a little, holding back Hamilton's kart. The pair are leading two teams.

  • 19:22

    Chequered flagButton wins! Helen tells Lewis to buck up his ideas. Harsh!

  • 19:23

    I will definitely text DONATE to 70705 later for that F1 segment.

  • 19:24

    We have gone to Belfast, where there is a HUGE crowd screaming at Reggie Yates. Someone must be about to sing.

  • 19:25

    Oh yes, it's that Westlife that I mentioned earlier.

  • 19:25

    Are Westlife still together? I had no idea.

  • 19:26

    QuoteComment from Chris: FBFB, I saw online that if you text donate to 70705 it's a fiver, but 70710 donates £10. Might be worth mentioning?


  • 19:26

    Jenson Button & PudseyJenson Button and Pudsey.

  • 19:27

    TweetTweet from @Epoc252: So excited about the Doctor Who clip on Children In Need tonight! Should be on around 8pm fellow Whovians #pudsey2010

  • 19:28

    Lewis Jenson KartingI'm afraid we're going to have to launch a stewards investigation into this one.

  • 19:30

    PudseyColin Farrell introduces some stories of young people struggling with mental illnesses. Your donations go to a good cause, which seems to involve horses.

  • 19:32

    Colin Farrell: "Your generosity makes a real difference to these peoples lives."

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  • 19:34

    PudseyPudsey on tour again, doing a sponsored sing-a-long with Jo Jinglers. I don't know what that is.

    At Stratford College, they are singing and dancing about, and Pudsey is causing chaos in the college radio station.

  • 19:34

    TweetTweet from @pudseybear: If you're a fan of BBC One's Merlin, tune into the show now! rt #pudsey2010

  • 19:35

    Terry Wogan jingles his bucket in the audience, and stumbles upon John Craven, who plugs the Countryfile calendar. They have already raised half a million pounds.

  • 19:35

    More information about the Countryfile calendar here:

  • 19:36


  • 19:37

    They're plugging the charity, obviously, amongst bloopers from the show. People are falling over, and a mini Pudsey is sitting with Richard Wilson.

  • 19:37

    There's also a Pudsey on Anthony Head's shoulder. I hope he hasn't noticed or he might banish him or something!

  • 19:38

    In the next half hour: Strictly Goes Pop and Kylie. Now we're going to local places. What have you got?

  • 19:38

    iPlayer is showing us BBC London. We're wandering around Television Centre now.

  • 19:39
    Notable Donation
    Raised by Alex for a spellathon competition type thing
  • 19:39

    QuoteComment from Lukeh: the welsh children in need thing is quite surreal. theyre presenting for CiN yet Wales are playing international rugby behind them as if they haven't noticed

  • 19:41

    Some people are singing "Come Fly With Me" in the background.

  • 19:43

    It must be time for a totaliser soon. For reference, last year the show raised £20,309,747, and went on to make £39m in total.

  • 19:44

    That is a little down on the previous year, but up till 2009 the amounts had been going up and up. Terry will urge you to try and beat them all this year.

  • 19:44

    QuoteComment from RG: Some lad from Keswick raised £95 for a half mile swim.... ended up pretty much going all Oscar acceptance speech on us.

  • 19:46

    PudseyI missed a Pudsey moment. Kylie introduced the story of a girl who was so very bullied at school, but found hope and happiness in the friendship of her dog Yaffle.

  • 19:46

    QuoteComment from Lukeh: People gobsmack me. How can someone spit on a disabled child? It just stuns me.

    When I did time for my dissertation working with children as well as my work experience in the past with special educational needs they are just the loveliest, wonderful and considerate people to be around. I think thats why I really like children in need.

  • 19:47

    QuoteComment from @stuttsx: I've donated, make sure you do to. 03457 33 22 33 - #pudsey2010 !

  • 19:47

    JLS are here to bring us the total raised by Radio 2 this year. Mr C tells me he was listening to this earlier.

  • 19:48

    QuoteComment from me: radio2 had got to 1.6m when i had to switch off earlier.

  • 19:48

    It is almost 1.7m. JLS have a giant cheque with them. Terry points out that it is not actually signed though.

  • 19:48

    Tess' posture is a bit odd when she is confronted with four shorter JLS lads.

  • 19:49

    Drum roll please..... overall total:

  • 19:50

    All times approximate.

    Coming Up / Schedule
    20:00Kylie Minogue
    20:15Strictly Come Dancing
    20:30Doctor Who
    21:00JLS and the CIN Single
    21:10Eastenders and Coronation St
  • 19:51

    PudseyOh... it's Susan Boyle.

  • 19:53

    Having said that, Susan Boyle does sincere better than Tess Daly.

  • 19:54

    It's Kylie!

  • 19:55

    I have requested a wine top-up, but now that Kylie is on, I can't get Mr C's attention.

  • 19:57

    TweetTweet from @RyKas: Love this Kylie song...having a boogie in my living room! #CIN #Pudsey2010

  • 19:58

    Tess almost has to kneel down to hug the diminutive Kylie.

  • 19:58

    Ms Minogue is going to read the number!

  • 19:58
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  • 19:59

    The Doctor Who moment.

  • 19:59

    PudseyAmy and The Doctor are visiting children dealing with the after-effects of meningitis.

  • 20:01

    The Doctor calls the teapot a kettle.

  • 20:02

    Now they are fitting entire biscuits in their mouths.

  • 20:02

    Christmas Clip!

  • 20:03

    Michael Gambon.

    "Time can be rewritten." "People can't."

    Katherine Jenkins.

    "Whatever happens tonight, remember you brought it on yourself."

    Spooky stuff!

  • 20:04

    That child has a wicked bowl haircut. I'm only saying cos I'm jealous he got to go in the TARDIS.

  • 20:05

    Terry is teasing Tess over the way she says "double." Quite right too.

  • 20:05

    Strictly Come Dancing. This was filmed previously, and guess who the host is? It's only Tess Flippin' Daly.

  • 20:06

    Pudsey is a judge! I love it.

  • 20:07

    QuoteComment from me: is it odd that this tess is slightly less annoying than the other tess?

  • 20:07

    Harry was always my favourite McFly, so that's okay. Rochelle is not my favourite Saturday though.

  • 20:08

    TweetTweet from @SarahLouiseFox: Its nights like this I thank god I have a healthy happy and loved daughter! If everyone donated just £1 think what it could do! #pudsey2010

  • 20:09

    Rochelle is dancing to It's All About You by McFly. This isn't confusing at all. I'd take guesses on what Harry will dance to but I don't know any Saturdays songs.

  • 20:10

    QuoteComment from Turkey Machine: My favourite Saturday of 2010 was a few weeks ago when a Nico got pole.

  • 20:10

    Mr C has finally gone to get wine! He does not like the dancing.

  • 20:11

    QuoteComment from Janna: This is my favourite McFly song :)

    Me too!

  • 20:12

    Craig is his typical miserable self, but finishes on a high note, saying he loved the last lift.

  • 20:12

    Len says it was confident and smooth, a wonderful job.

  • 20:13

    Terry isn't happy with Ian Waite's grey shoes. That appears to be his only objection.

  • 20:13

    Pudsey gives it two thumbs up.

  • 20:13

    Scores - Craig 6, Len 9, Terry 8, Pudsey 10.

  • 20:14

    Rochelle says it was seven hours practice, so not bad at all.

  • 20:15

    Harry says he's doing it 99% for Children in Need, and 1% for Dougie's amusement.

  • 20:16

    I don't really enjoy the Paso Doble as a dance, so he'll have to be extra good to make up for it.

  • 20:17

    TweetTweet from @amyloutweets: We had a swear jar at work today for #Pudsey2010 and ended up swearing more when we ran out of change and were putting ££'s in!

  • 20:18

    Harry is dancing to .... by the Saturdays. Good cape work from him, and Ola looks lovely as usual.

  • 20:19

    Len says he came out strong and aggressive, and it was good. Terry says "Me gusta mucho."

  • 20:19

    Pudsey gives it two thumbs up.

  • 20:20

    Craig says: "McFabulous" which is weird.

  • 20:21

    Scores: Craig 9, Len 9, Terry 7, Pudsey 10.

  • 20:23

    PudseyMcFly and The Saturdays are visiting a mother and toddler group.

  • 20:24

    The studio audience have voted, and it's Harry and Ola who win. They look surprised, mostly because they couldn't hear Tess announce it. As if Tess doesn't have a loud enough voice.

  • 20:25

    Glitterball PudseyThe Strictly trophy - a glittery Pudsey.

  • 20:25

    We're going local again!

  • 20:26
    Notable Donation
    Heathland School pupils painted their faces
  • 20:29

    QuoteComment from RG: Some lass from Sunderland who went on Masterchef is seemingly cooking for the entire village of Cockermouth.

  • 20:29

    And we're back.

  • 20:30

    The Hairy Bikers are doing something now. I must admit I don't think I've ever seen them do anything, apart from Dave Gorman's Genius show.

  • 20:30

    QuoteComment from RG: £187,106 raised in NE and Cumbria...

  • 20:30

    QuoteComment from Steven Roy: £399,000 ish in Scotland

  • 20:31

    The Hairy Bikers are singing Bat Out of Hell. It's a truncated version, though, otherwise we might be here all night.

  • 20:31

    QuoteComment from Lukeh: I don't actually know what they do though. I have got that they ride bikes, and that they are hairy

  • 20:32

    TweetTweet from @amyloutweets: Oh, this'll give me nightmares for sure.... #Pudsey2010

  • 20:33

    TweetTweet from @pudseybear: Loose Women are here, ready for their appearance on the show later on today! Tune in to watch them perform a Girls Aloud song! #pudsey2010

    Oh Lord.

  • 20:33
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  • 20:34

    We're having a bit of a montage.

  • 20:34

    TweetTweet from @veggiereggie: well done to everyone who came to magicland playcenters fundraising parties for children in need we raised almost £800#pudsey2010

  • 20:35

    We're looking at Wales now, and there is a rugby match going on behind Alex Jones.

  • 20:37

    QuoteComment from Steven Roy: Wales are losing 13-6

    Oh dear.

  • 20:37

    Apparently they changed the head of a rugby player to a Pudsey head on the cover of the programme for the rugby.

  • 20:38

    PudseyPudsey on tour again, he visits Costco in Cardiff. There is some balloon modelling going on, labelled as a "fun activity." Not when they pop!

    Back in London, Pudsey pops into a school and does some more baking. He's quite the chef, that bear.

  • 20:38

    PudseyAt Boots, Pudsey is allowed behind the tills, and then he takes the escalator. I'd like to ride the escalator with Pudsey.

  • 20:40

    PudseyAlex Jones introduces the story of a girl called Nasreen who gets to stay in a hospice, where she can be independent and have some fun. She has a button to close the curtains. I want one of those!

  • 20:42

    The Saturdays appear in the middle of the rugby pitch to sing. It'll be hard to play the game around them.

  • 20:42

    I do believe Rochelle has cut her hair since yesterday ten minutes ago.

  • 20:45

    They were in the Strictly studio a while back, and managed to appear in Cardiff in the middle of the stage, and then you blink and they are back with Alex Jones for a quick chat.

  • 20:45

    QuoteComment from me: THEY TELEPORT!

  • 20:47
    Coming Up
    21:00JLS and the CIN Single
    21:10Eastenders and Coronation St
    21:30John Barrowman in Glasgow
    22:00Switch to BBC2 for Mastermind
  • 20:47

    PudseyJLS are visiting some children and all I can hear is screaming.

  • 20:48

    Take That are going to be performing Never Forget. I might die.

  • 20:49

    JLS are in the studio now to perform the official Children In Need studio.

  • 20:50

    TweetTweet from @JivinSisterEmmy: #cin #pudsey2010 Bet Aston does a backflip

    Anyone know which one Aston is?

  • 20:51

    TweetTweet from @pudseybear: Come on JLS! The boys are rocking the stage here at BBC Television centre! #pudsey2010

    I'm not sure rocking is the word.

  • 20:52

    TweetTweet from @HanSparkle86: Aston with stubble I can take him seriously now lol! #JtotheLtotheS #JLS #pudsey2010

    This should narrow it down a bit.

  • 20:54

    QuoteComment from Janna: The collecting around the piano reminds me of East17, that was rubbish too

  • 20:54

    I bet JLS read the number out now.

  • 20:55
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  • 20:55

    Terry read the number on their behalf!!

  • 20:55
  • 20:56

    Tess Daly doesn't appear to know how time works. JLS said the single came out earlier this week, and she decided that meant this coming Monday. Way to plug, Ms Daly.

  • 20:57

    Now it's time for Walford Meets Weatherfield. I am already confused.

  • 20:57

    We begin at the Rovers Return. People have welcoming flags.

  • 20:58

    The Eastenders people arrive in a car playing Chas and Dave. No stereotypes here, thank you.

  • 20:58

    The concept is the possibility of twinning the boroughs of Walford and Weatherfield.

  • 20:59

    Meanwhile, in Albert Square, Dev and the one off of Hear'Say are heading for the Queen Vic.

  • 21:00

    Apparently Shane Ritchie recognises the one off of Hear'Say.

  • 21:01

    Liz is behind the bar in the Queen Vic. Who knows why?

  • 21:01

    There is a lot of animal print happening, when Liz meets Kat.

  • 21:01

    QuoteComment from Lukeh: where's Harold Bishop?

  • 21:02

    Since when do Shane Ritchie and Kat own the pub? I miss Peggy.

  • 21:04

    Dev is taking a peek at the corner shop. He can't possibly need another one. Last I heard he owned seven.

  • 21:05

    Liz and someone else ponder who the Queen Vic statue is of.

  • 21:06

    One of the Eastenders people says: "We're all about fahhhmilies."

  • 21:06

    Both parties are trying to convince each other that their respective boroughs are very quiet and nothing ever happens. I am not sure I believe them.

  • 21:07

    Cor blimey, it's Gail.

  • 21:07

    Oh, she's talking to the woman who's husband was a serial killer. They have much in common.

  • 21:08

    "Did he actually drive you into the canal?"


    "Mine did."

    Something to be proud of Gail.

  • 21:09

    Ah, I see what they're doing. Zainob has a gay son, and so does Eileen, so they are chatting. Is this the soaps admitting that they are all recycling the same storylines at last?

  • 21:09

    The Hear'Say lady is going to sing with Shane Ritchie!

  • 21:10

    Kat interrupts because she is jealous.

  • 21:12

    Somehow it turns into Liz admitting she gave a baby up for adoption and we get Kat saying: "You ain't my muvver." Guess what Liz said?

  • 21:12

    That's it!

  • 21:12

    Terry says we'll never see the likes of that again. And he very right.

  • 21:13

    Coronation Street and Eastenders are going to read the number.

  • 21:14

    It is a disaster, as you would imagine.

  • 21:14

    Here's the real one.

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  • 21:14

    QuoteComment from Lukeh: Wait who's manning the phonelines?

  • 21:14

    We've gone local again.

  • 21:17

    PudseyIn London, they are showing Pudsey on stage during the Jersey Boys show. He suits it, more Pudsey in the West End, I say. They have raised £60,150.

  • 21:19

    TweetTweet from @hannahelizaaaa: #pudsey2010 Me and my friends Georgia and Lydia are staying up all night r children in need and have so far raised £40!! xx

  • 21:19

    It's Susan Boyle singing Perfect Day. All I can say is NOOOOOOOO.

  • 21:22

    Ticker tells us: Spotty thanks to the children at Happy Feet Childcare who have made and sold lovely, crafty things in their pyjamas. They have raised £350 and counting.

  • 21:22

    Pudsey says thank you to the 36th Luton Brownies who held a Pudsey party with sideshows, tea and cake and a colouring competition - donating a brilliant £223.23. Paw-some!!

  • 21:22

    Phew. Susan Boyle is done. Yay for the ticker to keep us entertained.

  • 21:24

    PudseyCheryl Cole introduces a piece about children living in hidden poverty.

  • 21:27

    Lots of people appear to be abandoning Children in Need to watch I'm a Celebrity. Shame on you.

  • 21:27

    Why is it that the singers look much more comfortable reading to camera than the actors do?

  • 21:29

    Terry: "I have some sad news. Come ten o'clock Tess will be leaving us."

  • 21:29

    QuoteComment from Lukeh: YES! I mean, aw.

  • 21:30

    TweetTweet from @laurajays: Supprt Children in Need, donate what you can. The kids really are depending on us #pudsey2010

  • 21:31

    To Glasgow we go, and John Barrowman is wearing a spotty jacket. It's quite a sight.

  • 21:31

    He is in front of a crowd of 3,000, who are cheering wildly.

  • 21:32

    Barrowman has dressed up as a paramedic and is going to a school assembly to surprise them. Surprise them? That would give me a heart attack!

  • 21:33

    His paramedic is called Dougal.

  • 21:34

    The girls do not look that surprised. More like... Wha?

  • 21:35

    They are more impressed to be meeting the stars of Harry Potter. Poor Barrowman.

  • 21:37

    Alexandra Burke sings live in Glasgow.

  • 21:37

    It's the Holiday song!

  • 21:38

    I don't want to say because it will get stuck in your head, but if you listen to the Boney M song, you'll find they are exactly the same. "Hooray, Hooray, it's a holi-holiday."

  • 21:41

    John Barrowman says: "Give it up for Andrea, uh, Alexandra Burke!"

  • 21:42

    PudseyPudsey is on the road again, heading to Birchanger Green (the what now?) selling biscuits. Pudsey is reading the map, so it's a miracle they get anywhere.

    In Liverpool, he helps some Brownies dance, and raises £300. In Enfield, he visits GREGGS!

  • 21:43

    I could just go a Pudsey biscuit right about now.

  • 21:43

    Barrowman plugs the online auction at There's some excellent stuff up for grabs, and it is only online, so go take a look!

  • 21:44

    The smoke machine is awfully loud when Terry and Tess stand there.

  • 21:46

    It's Take That.

  • 21:47

    This is not Never Forget. Get to the good stuff, chaps.

  • 21:50

    Five of them, see?

  • 21:51

    QuoteComment from Janna: Robbie forgot the words for a moment there

    He does that.

  • 21:52

    Gary Barlow is a bit beardy.

  • 21:52

    Only eight more minutes of Tess left.

  • 21:53
  • 21:54

    They've never performed Never Forget together?? I really will die.

  • 21:59

    Apologies for the delay. We're having some broadband issues. Blame Tess.

  • 22:00

    Tess has gone but broadband hasn't come back.

    If you see this, it's 10pm and we all need to head to BBC2 for Mastermind.

  • 22:01

    Fred Macauley. Who?

    Tony Hawks. He writes books and stuff.

    Andy Osho? I don't know her either.

    Stuart Francis? Wha??

  • 22:02

    I spy a Blush sitting on the desk, next to Pudsey. Boo.

  • 22:02

    Fred's specialist subject is Fawlty Towers.

  • 22:03

    QuoteComment from Janna: Fred MacAulay is often on The News Show on Radio 4

    Ah, I have heard him but never seen him!

  • 22:04

    Is 14 a good score on Mastermind? Should have brushed up on this.

  • 22:05

    Tony Hawks subject is fridges. How many questions can there be?

  • 22:05

    He pumps his fist after getting one question right. I am not confident for Tony.

  • 22:06

    I suspect they made him choose fridges because he wrote a book about fridges. He looks less knowledgable than you'd hope.

  • 22:08

    Tony gets 4 points.

  • 22:09

    Andi: specialist subject The Matrix Trilogy. She knows her stuff.

  • 22:10

    She ran out of time, he ran out of questions.

  • 22:11

    Stewart - The Toronto Maple Leaf Ice Hockey Team.

  • 22:12

    Apparently the record in this round is 23 questions right. Stewart says he is going to make history. Against Andi that seems unlikely.

  • 22:14

    Stewart gets 14 points. Not quite history yet.

  • 22:14

    Andi got 19 points, by the way. I forgot to say, I was so blown away.

  • 22:15

    General knowledge round now. Tony first.

  • 22:16

    Updating from my phone now, that is how obsessed I am.

  • 22:19

    Tony struggles with the speed of the questions to begin wit h. He wouldn't like our shows! Tony ends up with 14 points. Fred next.

  • 22:23

    Fred doubles his score to 29.

  • 22:24

    Stewart is up next, also starting on 14 points.

  • 22:28

    23 points for Stewart.

  • 22:33

    Andi talks a lot ahead of her go, gets a question about Tim Henman, and wins with 30 points.

  • 22:34

    BBC1 again now, people.

  • 22:35

    Apologies for the lack of tweets recently. Conserving bandwidth for updates, and of course, when I have to resort to the phone, that's almost an impossibility.

  • 22:38

    We're heading back to Terry and no Tess. Fearne Cotton graces us with her presence.

  • 22:38

    There are fireworks going off at BBC Television Centre.

  • 22:39

    Fearne wears a black number with red highlights on the sleeves.

  • 22:40
  • 22:41

    Tom Jones!

  • 22:44

    I do not know this Tom Jones song.

  • 22:45

    He's doing another song, and I don't know this one either.

  • 22:45
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  • 22:47

    Apologies for the problems we are having today. You try and do your bit for charity and everything falls down around your ears. MediaTemple say they are working on the Sidepodproblem.

  • 22:50

    TweetTweet from @Janna_Lion: @factbytefactbox He has a new album out, track is from there

  • 22:50

    PudseyRepeat of the Cheryl Cole appeal.

  • 22:54

    I do sense a BBC Newsreader moment coming up.

  • 22:56

    I don't know who this Louis guy is.

  • 22:57

    The newsreaders as Lady Gaga. One of them appears to have a TV on their head.

  • 22:58

    And the other one has a Pudsey on her head.

  • 23:00

    There they are!

  • 23:00

    TweetTweet from @Chrislee12: @factbytefactbox he owns some dance studio that was on Sky 1

    Oh, that could be the pineapple thing.

  • 23:01

    TweetTweet from @TomBeasley: I do love the newsreaders. Absolute genius. That's what #CiN is all about! #pudsey2010

  • 23:03

    The newsreaders read the number, and get through it pretty well.

  • 23:03
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  • 23:04

    Now, Dragons Den meets Come Dine With Me. I don't watch either, sadly, but I know of the dragons.

  • 23:06

    This first desert is not going well for the Scottish one.

  • 23:08

    The next one says his wife won't let him in the kitchen and that's why he's a bad cook. I suspect Mr C might start using that excuse soon.

  • 23:08

    The lady dragon is to be a neutral guest.

  • 23:09

    I don't like the idea of eating dry ice. Not at all.

  • 23:11

    Peter has been cheating with Heston Blumental. In the kitchen, I mean.

  • 23:12

    QuoteComment from Lukeh: They are eating leaves

  • 23:14

    TweetTweet from @Kimmlez: #pudsey2010 has actully been the best so far! Dr Who! Barrowman! Dragons! The music! Time to tuck in to bed, and keep on till 2am! =D

  • 23:15

    The custard looks disgusting. But I don't like custard anyway.

  • 23:17

    Debra announces the results. Theo wins. Peter looks angry, and Duncan pouts. Hey, look, I've learnt their names!

  • 23:19

    I think that Terry Wogan just said Deborah really knows how to eat. Ouch!

  • 23:19

    PudseyRepeat of JLS's appeal.

  • 23:20
    Coming Up
    11:20The Script in Belfast
    11:30Peter Andre's tribute to MJ
    11:45Cast of Priscilla
    11:55Loose Women sing Girls Aloud
  • 23:22
    Notable Donation
    Roundtable are in the audience with a giant cheque
  • 23:23
    Notable Donation
  • 23:23

    Oh wow, it's Peter Andre doing Man in the Mirror.

  • 23:23

    My Coming Up table was wrong.

  • 23:24

    Sadly, he's not actually trying to be Michael Jackson, but just singing the song. I was hoping for a white glove and some moonwalking.

  • 23:25

    Great choice of song though.

  • 23:27

    QuoteComment from Lukeh: That was it? Not even a medley?

  • 23:27

    Peter Andre does MJPeter Andrew channels Michael Jackson.

  • 23:28

    QuoteComment from Steven Roy: HRMC made a donation?? That seems an odd thing for them to do

    They did some fundraising, which is slightly different, I guess. Bad choice of words.

  • 23:28

    Terry says we are slightly down on last year, but then he has to say that.

  • 23:29

    Ooh, we have gone local again. That was a surprise.

  • 23:30

    The London local thing is repeating their segment from earlier. Budget cuts at the BBC.

  • 23:30

    QuoteComment from RG: If I've learnt anything from CiN tonight, is Cockermouth is possibly the most unenthusiastic in Britain.

  • 23:32

    Pudsey in Jersey BoysPudsey takes part in Jersey Boys. I so wish I'd seen this performance.

  • 23:33

    The London presenters are handing over to Vanessa Feltz. Odd.

  • 23:34

    Miss Pixie Lott takes to the stage.

  • 23:36

    TweetTweet from @hammerette89: everyone follow @Gerard_McCarthy he is donating 10p to #CIN for every new follower he gets before midnight!follow follow follow! #pudsey2010

  • 23:39

    PudseyA new one! And it's Peggy! Barbara Windsor introduces the next segment about abuse, and helping the children with art therapy.

  • 23:40

    TweetTweet from @richardcallin: fact: terry wogan does not age. #childreninneed #pudsey2010

  • 23:41

    Now we have The Script. I might have got them the wrong way round.

  • 23:43

    Now that I've finished FBFB updates on my phone, I thought I'd donate, but forget the ten pound code! Have done five, another five coming up. Making life more difficult for myself.

  • 23:44

    The Script are live on stage in Belfast, by the way. They are a bit more exciting than Belfast.

  • 23:44

    They are more exciting than Westlife. I was not trying to write off a whole city there. D'oh.

  • 23:46

    The ticker tells us: A delicious time for all at Parcelforce customer service Wakefield who have so far raised £250 for their Bug tucker trial. Well done Debby and Ben who raised an additional £50 from the yummy bun sale.

  • 23:46

    PudseyPudsey is on tour, and visits the Royal Mail in Belfast. He's delivering mail! I want a Postman Pudsey.

  • 23:47

    PudseyThe bear went on to a college and helped do someone's nails to raise funds.

    Across to Manchester, and Pudsey joined in a tea party at a BT call centre. Apparently Blush was there too. Whatever.

  • 23:48

    PudseyTake That face the cameras to appeal for donations. They don't necessarily have the charisma you'd want.

  • 23:49

    QuoteComment from startledbunny: there's another bear? adding characters never works, ask itchy & scratchy about poochie

  • 23:49

    Time for a repeat of the Hairy Bikers doing Bat Out of Hell. It was worrying enough the first time!

  • 23:53

    We're watching the Loose Women rehearse for their Girls Aloud song. The first one admitted straight away: "We're rubbish." I don't anticipate it getting any better.

  • 23:55

    It was okay when they were singing together, but the verse is painful.

  • 23:55

    Their dresses are nice and sparkly though.

  • 23:56

    QuoteComment from startledbunny: this isn't much different to the original

    Hehehe, shhh.

  • 23:56

    QuoteComment from Steven Roy: Colleen Nolan and Lesley Garrett do that program couldn't they have sung?

    Lukeh added Jane McDonald as well. There's a lot of knowledge about Loose Women in the comments tonight.

  • 23:59

    Fearne suggests we should bring on the most feared judge of all, and on comes Jon Culshaw as Simon Cowell.

  • 00:00

    "I think we can turn the Loose Women into recording artists." Thank goodness it's not the real Simon Cowell!

  • 00:00
  • 00:02

    I don't mind admitting I'm looking forward to the West End shows finishing up and heading to the Children in Need studio.

  • 00:02

    We go back to Glasgow, and Barrowman introduces McFly singing Shine a Light. This is a new single, apparently, so there's no way I'll have heard of it.

  • 00:03

    It has a good beat. I am disappointed in the lack of dancing from Harry, but I suppose he has some drumming to do.

  • 00:06

    Ticker tells us: A huge thank you to all of you who have been rocking their spots for BBC Children in Need, including Trina Bott and her team at Kirklees College who rocked their spots for Pudsey, raising over £500 in and around the college.

    Can anyone tell me what rocking their spots actually involves?

  • 00:07

    Harry throws his drumsticks into the audience. The crowd goes wild. The boys read the number out.

  • 00:07
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  • 00:07

    PudseyGordon Ramsay introduces the next piece about a young girl with spina bifida.

  • 00:08

    McFly and John BarrowmanMcfly and John Barrowman. That is quite a spotty suit.

  • 00:12

    PudseyPudsey's reading his map again. We're back in Liverpool, where the bear goes to the Build-A-Bear workshop. That can't be right. They raised £100,000.

    In Handforth, Lakeland are selling a million Pudsey baking products, and the staff have been baking to test them out too. Mmm, Pudsey cake.

    At Togs HQ, Pudsey visits with the staff as they contemplate a cruise, and he tries to help them mailout some orders, but is more of a hindrance than anything. Cute with it, of course.

  • 00:12

    QuoteComment from Lukeh: I bet if you layed out john barrowman;s suit on the floor you could play Twister

  • 00:12

    Priscilla, Queen of the Desert are on stage now, singing Go West.

  • 00:15

    Wait a minute... was that ALF? As in, you flamin' gullah?

  • 00:16

    QuoteComment from Lukeh: Well I will be honest. This is the first thing to ever follow Barrowman that has been camper than him.

  • 00:18

    PudseyA bit of a montage on some of the appeals we have seen so far.

  • 00:20

    Now we have a repeat of the Coronation Street meets Eastenders thing, which I totally missed first time round as being called East Street. It was good but... I don't think my brain could cope with it again.

  • 00:25

    Ticker time!

    A big hello to British Gas in Leicester who had lots of fun while raising money for Pudsey cycling from Leeds to Leicester and lots more. £4,000 raised so far and still going strong. Totally paw-some.

  • 00:26

    Essex County Council held a spotty marathon of events including a coin trail race, baby photo competition, indoor crazy golf competition, inter-team Wii tournament, and much, much more. So far they have raised £300 with still more to come.

  • 00:26

    What is a coin trail race?

  • 00:29

    Kym MarshMr C said he would donate £5 if I posted a picture of Kim Marsh on the site. We are learning a lot about each other this evening.

  • 00:33

    Cee Lo Green takes to the stage. The polite version I'd expect.

  • 00:34

    I feel like every time he says "forget you" he's giggling to himself in his head.

  • 00:37

    That might be stuck in my head now.

  • 00:38

    Cee Lo gets the number slightly wrong, but bless him for trying.

  • 00:38

    Terry refers to Tess as "what's her name." I approve.

  • 00:39
    Notable Donation
    BMI Baby have been collecting money on their flights
  • 00:39


  • 00:40
    Notable Donation
    Coinstar have been collecting money from the big blue machines in the supermarkets... a TARDIS?
  • 00:40

    PudseyA repeat of Kylie's appeal.

  • 00:44

    Blue Peter's Helen Skelton next, she's going to be participating in Dirty Dancing.

  • 00:45

    She looks terrified. A good start though.

  • 00:46

    I am jealous that she gets to learn THE routine from Dirty Dancing.

  • 00:46

    They should have got her doing the Strictly thing.

  • 00:47

    It's just like the film. That's freaking me out a little bit.

  • 00:48

    They may not have done the run up properly. Either that or it was some bad camera work. The man pretending to be Patrick Swayze isn't quite right, either.

  • 00:49

    Helen had just two weeks practice to complete it, and looks mostly relieved that it's over.

  • 00:50

    We are back to Wales now, the crowds are filing out of the stadium after the rugby game ended in a draw.

  • 00:53

    PudseyDuffy introduces a piece from Anglesey, where children get to play with instruments.

  • 00:54

    Alex Jones is talking to Only Men Aloud now. I'm assuming it's Aloud like Girls Aloud and now Allowed like... I don't think there's a band with Allowed in?

  • 00:55

    Duffy and PudseyDuffy. For Mr C. Another fiver, ta.

  • 00:56

    PudseyPudsey is back in London, and stopped off at T Mobile and Orange to see how the wristbands were selling.

    In Witney, he visited Scholastic and reviewed some books, plus packed them up to send to schools.

    A spot of golf for Pudsey next. They reckon he got a hole in one. I don't believe it.

  • 00:57

    TweetTweet from @hockeykamen: @factbytefactbox Coinstars are green where I am. I wonder how big of a jar The Doctor is going to stuff all those coins in. :)

  • 00:58

    The Men Aloud/Allowed people are singing Don't Stop Believing. Surely that song has been done already.

  • 00:58

    Interestingly, though, The Saturdays had a little stage in the midst of the rugby pitch, whilst the men are happy to walk about on the grass.

  • 00:58

    Must be the heels.

  • 00:59

    QuoteComment from Steven Roy: I think the area they are covering as well as heels. They would need a much bigger stage

  • 01:00

    Back to London.

  • 01:01

    The Phantom of the Opera takes to the stage.

  • 01:02

    QuoteComment from Chris: Finally, a decent musical!

  • 01:04

    Ticker time:

    A glittery thank you to Mr Kenny and everyone at St Andrews Infant School in Brighthouse who have raised lots shaking their stuff at a paw-some disco for Pudsey.

  • 01:06

    A beautiful performance by John Owen Jones. Afterwards he starts talking, and it turns out the Phantom is Welsh! Who knew?

  • 01:08

    PudseyAlesha Dixon presents a piece for children who have escaped from violence and torture.

  • 01:11

    Cliff RichardMr C says he will pay me £5 not to post this one, but ha. I like to share.

  • 01:13

    TweetTweet from @lucytweetz: @factbytefactbox what was the total at this point of the night last year?

    I'm not sure what it was at this point, but we only have 45 minutes left, and I can tell you what it was at the end of the night in 2009 - £20,309,747.

  • 01:13

    We are replaying the Top Ten Greatest Moments of Children in Need, that was played out on BBC Three earlier in the week.

  • 01:14

    Number 10 is Prime Minister Tony Blair meeting Prime Minister Tony Blair (Jon Culshaw) in 2005.

  • 01:14

    Number 9 is the 2007 Doctor Who special of Time Crash. Where David Tennant meets Peter Davidson. I can't believe this is only ninth on the list. He mentions the celery and everything!

  • 01:15

    Number 8 is Coronation Street doing Oliver from 2004. Bless little Chesney. He's grown up quite a lot!

  • 01:16

    Number 7 is where Eastenders take a turn, and they perform a medley of musical songs.

  • 01:16

    That was in 2008.

  • 01:17

    Number 6 goes way back to 1998, where The Chefs do the Full Monty and take all their clothes off. It's scary viewing.

  • 01:17

    Number 5 is Perfect Day. About time too!

  • 01:18

    I can't believe Perfect Day was 1997!

  • 01:19

    We're racing through these! Number 4 is the BBC Newsreaders last year doing Beyonce and some kind of dancing with Diversity.

  • 01:20

    Number 3 is where Lauren (Catherine Tate) meets Peggy Mitchell. She's not bothered.

  • 01:20

    That was from 2005.

  • 01:21

    On to number two it is the epic animated All Star Band from Peter Kay in 2009. I must say I was disappointed in the song medley itself but the effort was amazing.

  • 01:22

    Several years in the making, that was.

  • 01:22

    Finally, number 1 is Children in Need Rocks the Albert Hall. I don't think this counts as it is not a moment but more of an event.

  • 01:22

    They particularly enjoy the Dizzee Rascal and Shirley Bassey duet.

  • 01:23

    It was also the moment when Robbie Williams reunited with Take That.

  • 01:23

    And finally, Paul McCartney was there, to top it all off.

  • 01:23

    QuoteComment from Lukeh: Muse did this! Awesome! Definitely not no. 1 though.

  • 01:24

    TweetTweet from @pudseybear: Wasn't the Phantom fantastic?! Thank you to all of you who have been donating! rt #pudsey2010

  • 01:25

    Back to London now, the live stuff, and Ellie Goulding takes to the stage.

  • 01:26

    Just half an hour to go now.

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  • 01:28

    QuoteComment from Lukeh: I'm thinking 17.5 million for a final total at 2am

    Guesses more than welcome.

  • 01:29

    QuoteComment from me: for the fbfb, i'll say 18.1m.

  • 01:29

    A montage now of the music we've seen and heard, and those that we've missed because they've been in other parts of the country.

  • 01:30

    John Barrowman singing in his spotty suit.

  • 01:30

    Jedward are killing a version of All the Small Things in Belfast.

  • 01:31

    I have failed now, because I don't know who this is singing in Glasgow.

  • 01:32

    Google tells me it is The Wanted.

  • 01:33

    That's the montage? Three songs! Oh well. Back to London.

  • 01:34

    Maroon 5 performing their new single now.

  • 01:41

    PudseyA repeat of Barbara Windsor's appeal.

  • 01:43

    Heaven 17 take to the stage to perform Temptation.

    "Higher and higherrrrrr..."

  • 01:45

    TweetTweet from @louaze: wtf is this? did i fall asleep and wake up in the 80s again? godddd i need to stop doing this... #pudsey2010

  • 01:46

    PudseyRepeat of Cheryl Cole's appeal. I think we have seen this one three times now!

  • 01:49

    Ten minutes to go.

  • 01:51

    Now we're meant to be going to highlights, but it is not working. We cut to highlights and it is just a picture of one of the girls from an earlier appeal. Terry says: "I was just thinking that wasn't the highlights of tonight's show otherwise we've been wasting our time."

  • 01:52

    I've just realised the highlights mean Tess is back. Dammit.

  • 01:55

    This evening has gone amazingly quickly. But just time for this:

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  • 02:00

    The final total then:

  • 02:01

    Mr C was amazingly close!

  • 02:01

    That's it's! We're done. Seven epic hours later.

  • 02:03

    GoodbyeFearne and Terry say goodbye.

  • 02:03

    QuoteComment from Lukeh: That was awesome watching it with the comments! Like a big giant race!

  • 02:04

    It was awesome. Thanks to everyone for joining me in the comments and on Twitter. It's been great fun, and went far too quickly. Same place, same time next year!

  • 02:05

    If you want to see these highlights later, the Factbyte Factbox replay will appear in the Children in Need post:

    And now I bid you all a goodnight!

Yes, you read that right. I'm posting a live thread for the epic charity telethon. As mentioned a few times before (mostly on my personal blog), I will be Factbyte Factboxing the extravaganza for a variety of reasons. The most important one is for a bit of practice, and of course, to have lots of fun.

Event start

19:00GMT +00:00

19 November 2010