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59th Annual Mobil 1 12 Hours of Sebring - Peugeot versus Audi as the ILMC series gets underway

Published by Christine

The 12 Hours of Sebring begins today, kicking off the brand new 2011 Intercontinental Le Mans Cup. Stopping off at Spa and Le Mans among many others, the new championship has eight of the top car manufacturers fully committed to taking part. Audi and Peugeot are the two most notable, but equally, BMW, Audi, Ferrari and more are all determined to prove they are the best of the best.

Audi test at Sebring earlier in the year
Audi test at Sebring earlier in the yearCredit: Audi USA / CC

This first event gives the endurance calendar a truly challenging start, with no less than 56 cars battling for supremacy around the Sebring International Raceway - a hot and bumpy circuit that pushes the drivers to their limit. It's often been said that 12 hours around Sebring feels like 24 hours elsewhere.

Peugeot have made the best start to the weekend that they can, with Stephane Sarrazin putting them on pole (that's Franck's car!) but Audi are, as ever, close behind.

We'll be watching the race, live commenting here, and the Factbyte Factbox will also be covering all 12 hours as well. I hope you can join in the fun (and help me out too because I know nothing!), and good luck to everyone taking part!

As it happened: Intercontinental Le Mans Cup

  • 14:00

    Good afternoon, and welcome to the Factbyte Factbox for the 12 Hours of Sebring.

  • 14:02

    This is the first event of the American Le Mans Series and the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup for 2011.

  • 14:02

    The action begins at 2:30pm GMT, so that's just under half an hour away.

  • 14:06
    LMP1 Qualifying Position
    5Lapierre/Duval/PanisORECA Peugeot
  • 14:06

    TweetTweet from @antdavidson: Ok here we go. @alex_wurz to start. I'm jumping in second after his stint. I'll try and keep you posted throughout the next 12hrs

  • 14:07

    Further down the order, the car of Fisichella/Bruni/Kaffer is on pole for the GT class.

  • 14:09

    If you are following any or all of Sebring, why not join us for commenting? or directly on the thread:

  • 14:13

    So, for F1 fans, we have 5Live commentator Anthony Davidson in the LMP1 Peugeot, starting 3rd.

  • 14:14

    Former Force India/Ferrari driver Giancarlo Fisichella is starting 22nd overall, but head of the GT class.

  • 14:15

    Davidson's teammates include Ferrari tester Marc Gene, and former Williams driver Alex Wurz.

  • 14:16

    Meanwhile, Allan McNish and Franck Montagny are in rival teams (Audi and Peugeot) but both have had bad experiences at the Toyota F1 team.

  • 14:18

    If you need help (like me) telling each car apart, check out the Spotters Guide:

  • 14:19

    Alex Wurz: "So far the free practice went good, but you never know. 12 hours of Sebring is such a tough race but we want to prepare here for Le Mans."

  • 14:21

    Oliver Gavin: "Great to be on the grid here, this is Chevrolet's 100 year anniversary, so proud to be on the team... BMW is right behind us... it's going to be a tough 12 hours. 56 cars on the grid, it's going to be a real battle."

  • 14:21

    Live streaming available here:

  • 14:22

    It looks like that stream isn't available in the US, ESPN3 are showing the race.

  • 14:22

    And of course, who can forget,

  • 14:25

    Simon Pagenaud with Highcroft: "I think we might create some surprise. We didn't have the qualifying we expected, but the car is running fine this morning. We haven't had much testing but he car is reliable and that's a very important thing."

  • 14:26

    Lucas Luhr - Muscle Milk: "First of all, the car is running pretty good. We are closer than we expected against the diesels. With that many cars on the field, I think we can expect one or two yellows. I think we are in pretty good shape."

  • 14:27

    The cars are out on the track.

  • 14:27

    Live timing available here:

  • 14:29

    Woah, that is the most complicated live timing I have ever seen. This'll be fun!

  • 14:29

    Green flagRace started.

  • 14:30

    Allan McNish has a good look up the inside and got up to second place instantly.

  • 14:31

    Montagny getting a bit of a lead, and Wurz is chasing McNish for second.

  • 14:32

    Into the first corner, Wurz easily sails past. Peugeot 1-2.

  • 14:33

    In the GT class, Oliver Gavin has overtaken Gianmaria Bruni (Fisichella's car).

  • 14:35

    A different style of live timing:

  • 14:36
    Driver Positions
  • 14:37

    Wait, wait. Montagny hasn't gone up a place. Otherwise the table is fine. Good start!

  • 14:38

    Montagny is already passing some of the slower cars. Doesn't take long for traffic to be a problem.

  • 14:40

    QuoteComment from Pat W: If you want to knock out some cars to follow, ignore GTE Am and GTC. The real interesting stuff is in the leading categories of each 'type', which are LMP1 and GT.

  • 14:41

    Franck leadsFranck passes some traffic and continues to lead the way.

  • 14:44

    Bruni and Gavin scrapping hard for the lead of the GT category, and Bruni manages to take the place back.

  • 14:45

    Gavin made a bit of a mistake, allowing Werner behind to catch up, but Gavin just manages to hold on to the position.

  • 14:49

    Werner has got ahead of Gavin now, 2nd place in the GT class.

  • 14:51

    Smoke seen coming out of the back of Mueller's car, and then the tyre flew off. Replays show he caught up with another car.

  • 14:51

    He's heading back to the pitlane - so will top up on tyres and fuel while he's in there.

  • 14:52

    TweetTweet from @almsnotes: Left-front tire going down on the 56 #BMW. Going down the backstretch. #ALMS #Sebring #ILMC.Contact with 33 LMP2 coupe

  • 14:53

    Long, long pit stop but the BMW comes back out into some clear air.

  • 14:53

    Yellow flagFull course caution.

  • 14:54

    Nicky Pastorelli in the Lamborghini (GT class) has pulled off track.

  • 14:55

    With a moment to look at the wrong end of the live timing, it looks like Fabien Girolx in the Aston Martin GTE hasn't started yet.

  • 14:55

    It looks like it might be a gearbox problem for the Lamborghini.

  • 14:56

    The 56 tyre changeThe 56 tyre change.

  • 14:57

    2011 Yellow Flag & Pit Rules.

    Pass by: Fairest way to ensure no team is disadvantaged by a safety car.

    Wave by: Resorts field after pit stops to put first class leader on the road behind safety car.

    During a safety car period prototypes and GT cars will pit on separate laps until the last 30 minutes of a race.

  • 14:58

    I hope that means something to someone.

  • 14:58

    QuoteComment from Pat W: Most.Complicated.Pit.Procedure.Ever

  • 14:58

    Lapierre has gone into the pitlane, and has been stopped. He can't resume until the whole field has passed. Looks like a mistake.

  • 14:59

    He had been running LMP1 6th, and will have lost a lot of ground.

  • 15:01

    Pastorelli is in the pitlane, mechanics pondering the car. It looks like a rear wheel has actually broken.

  • 15:05

    The LMP1 cars are in to the pits.

  • 15:07

    It looks like the top ten all pitted without major incident. Montagny still leads Wurz, then McNish.

  • 15:09

    The GT cars are now pitting.

  • 15:12

    Richard Hein in the Oak Pescarolo Judd (LMP1) and Johnny Mowlem (LMPC) are both leading, having not pitted.

  • 15:14

    Mattieu Lahaye also appears to be ahead of Montagny in the LMP1 class, although he has pitted.

  • 15:15

    Green flagTrack is clear.

  • 15:15

    A twenty minute yellow flag period seems far too long.

  • 15:16

    Trying to get past the cars in front means Montagny and McNish are battling for the lead through traffic.

  • 15:17

    It looks like they bumped into each other. Wurz is also making his way up.

  • 15:17

    Montagny has gone way in the lead again. Wurz makes it past McNish, but Allan isn't giving up yet.

  • 15:18
    One to Watch
  • 15:19

    QuoteComment from Alianora La Canta: How did Bruni end up in 9th?!?

    That is an excellent question.

  • 15:19

    Boris Said is leading the GT class having not stopped.

  • 15:20

    Jamie Melo leads Oliver Gavin behind, both having pitted.

  • 15:21

    Melo gets the lead from Said.

  • 15:24



    Wind Speed0.4mps
  • 15:26

    Two of the GT cars have come together, it looks like it might be Mueller again.

  • 15:27

    PJ Jones, the 098, gets a stop/go penalty for causing an avoidable incident.

  • 15:28

    TweetTweet from @almsnotes: Front-right damage to 098 #Jaguar after clip by BMW No. 56 #ALMS #ILMC #Sebring12 One-minute stop coming for the Jag.

  • 15:29

    Rockenfeller in the pits with a left rear wheel damage.

  • 15:29

    He was in fourth position.

  • 15:31

    The car sustained quite a lot of damage making it's way back to the pitlane.

  • 15:31

    Meanwhile, Wurz has closed up on Montagny at the head of the field.

  • 15:33

    RockenfellerRockenfeller gets some love from the mechanics and leaves the pits again.

  • 15:34

    A piece of debris is sitting just off the racing line. No caution in sight though.

  • 15:34

    One hour down, 11 to go.

  • 15:37
    GT Driver Positions
  • 15:37

    Rockenfeller has a second left rear puncture.

  • 15:37

    We all thought we were watching replays!

  • 15:39

    The Audi is going straight behind the wall for repairs.

  • 15:39

    TweetTweet from @almsnotes: First retirement of the race - No. 008 Lamborghini (mechanical) #ALMS #ILMC #Sebring12

  • 15:43

    Meanwhile, back at the top, Montagny and Wurz are fighting through traffic again.

  • 15:46
    LMP1 - Battle For 1st
  • 15:47

    It sounds as though Wurz may have been allowed through, due to the difference in pace.

  • 15:50

    TweetTweet from @almsnotes: No. 1 Audi coming back from behind the wall #ALMS #ILMC #Sebring12

  • 15:52

    Radio to Rockenfeller in the audio reports they have no telemetry.

  • 15:55

    Werner is still battling hard with Oliver Gavin for second place in the GT class.

  • 15:56

    Wurz and McNish have pitted.

  • 15:57

    Montagny is also into the pits.

  • 15:58

    Lapierre and Pickett also pit in the LMP1 class.

  • 15:59

    TweetTweet from @almsnotes: Montagny into the lead as No. 7 Peugeot pits. @antdavidson into the car. #ALMS #Sebring12 #ILMC

  • 16:00

    Ooh, Peugeot have changed drivers. Sarrazin leading McNish, ahead of Davidson.

  • 16:04

    Gabriele Gardel for GTE has pulled to a stop at the side of the track, and is out of the car. He was running fourth in his class.

  • 16:04

    No sign of a yellow.

  • 16:05

    McNish is into the lead, as the two Peugeots have pitted.

  • 16:08

    Ryan Lewis has pulled to a halt at the side of the track.

  • 16:09

    Yellow flagFull course caution.

  • 16:10

    Lewis is still in the car, trying everything to get some power back.

  • 16:14

    Full course cautionRyan Lewis waits as the field passes him by.

  • 16:16

    McNish pits.

  • 16:16

    Kristensen gets strapped into the #2 Audi.

  • 16:19

    GT class are now pitting.

  • 16:21

    Werner pitted, swapped drivers to Bill Auberlen and they had a great stop that propelled them up.

  • 16:21

    Fisichella has taken over driving duties from Bruni.

  • 16:23

    Fixing the trackFixing the track.

  • 16:24

    Oliver Gavin: "It's going pretty well. It's tough out there... it was touch and go in teh traffic. The track is still very greasy and inconsistent at times with the sand on it. But we're fighting."

  • 16:25

    Allan McNish: "Track's really slippery. There's a lot of sand just down at the hairpin... all in all it's the same for everybody. Everyone's struggling a bit with the temperature as well... It's never too close, there's still a few inches between the cars. We've raced against the Peugeot guys and the others so we know where the limits are."

  • 16:25

    Jamie Melo: "We are working pretty hard to make the car fast and consistent. I think it's still a good car to drive, easy to drive. I could keep the same time as the others. It's going to be hard, but never give up."

  • 16:29

    Green flagTrack is clear.

  • 16:29

    Two hours done, 10 hours to go.

  • 16:31

    CrashHigh speed accident between GT drivers Johannes van Overberg and Jan Magnussen.

  • 16:31

    Yellow flagFull course caution.

  • 16:32

    TweetTweet from @endurancesport: This was always going to be the problem at #Sebring over 50 cars on a tight tough track - but great racing #ALMS #ILMC

  • 16:33

    Replays show a massive impact for Johannes, with big rear damage on the Ferrari, but it doesn't look like it was anyone's fault.

  • 16:35

    Both drivers are okay, which is the main thing.

  • 16:37

    The 004 (Anthony Larazzo) is having a stop and four minute hold for an improper pass-by procedure. Four minutes!

  • 16:38

    Synchronised spinningSynchronised spinning.

  • 16:42

    Doug from Corvette, as they send their car back out on track: "Its just a classic close-racing Sebring, event. Two cars racing for the same spot... it took us a couple of laps but we got it fixed. It's a long race, we'll be back in there... this is the largest entry I think, maybe for the last 30 years."

  • 16:43

    TweetTweet from @almsnotes: Stop and one-minute hold under green for 045 FLM #Porsche for avoidable contact #ALMS #Sebring12 #ILMC

  • 16:44

    CrashedLot of work to do there.

  • 16:47

    Green flagTrack is clear.

  • 16:49

    Sarrazin is leading the way for now, although he's a pit stop behind those following him.

  • 16:49

    In the GT class, Toni Vilander leads Bill Auberlen.

  • 16:51

    Kristensen in the Audi has overtaken Loic Duval in the Peugeot for second place.

  • 16:52
    LMP1 Driver Positions
  • 16:55

    TweetTweet from @alex_wurz: Another safety car now badly timed, grrr. I get massage now& eat chicken pasta. V unlucky with safety cars, grrrr, me slightly grumpy now!

  • 16:57
    LMP1 Field Spread
  • 17:01
    GT Driver Positions
  • 17:03

    TweetTweet from @portobellosfine: TK sniffing Sarrazin's tail again--empty track ahead this time. This should be interesting. #sebring

  • 17:04

    A bit of marketing spiel from race sponsor Mobil 1: "This is our greatest opportunity to have a testing ground for our product. It's the best way to get the product through to the consumer eventually... Engines today, even in consumer products, are highly tuned machines and they require a highly refined and high quality, high-performing oil."

  • 17:09

    It seems like things have calmed down a little now. Sarrazin leads by almost two seconds in LMP1

    GT - Battle For 1st
  • 17:10

    QuoteComment from Pat W: Tweet from @almsnotes says the GTE-Am AMR Middle East Aston Martin with Gulf sponsorship has joined the race at last, it missed the start with a damaged flywheel and starter motor

  • 17:10

    The Aston Martin is 69 laps down. Bit of ground to make up there.

  • 17:17

    RadioTeam radio from Flying Lizard Motorsport: "You have Fisichella behind you now, and three prototypes."

  • 17:20

    Sarrazin has pitted, giving the lead of the race to Kristensen, slight advantage to Audi as the stop happened under green.

  • 17:28

    Currently, Davidson leading Sarrazin as a Peugeot 1-2, then Pagenaud and Kristensen down in 4th, but with a pit stop over the others.

  • 17:28

    Bill Auberlen still has control of the GT class, but Hand is up to 2nd.

  • 17:35

    Three hours down, nine hours to go.

  • 17:35

    Davidson has pitted, remains in the car, but has granted Sarrazin the lead. Kristensen up to second.

  • 17:36

    TweetTweet from @quattroworld: Number 1 Audi is still 7 laps behind the leader. But this is Sebring a lot can change in 9 hours.

  • 17:37

    Davidson returns to the track in 4th.

  • 17:40

    Auberlen pits from the GT lead, and swaps drivers, with Farfus climbing on board.

  • 17:42

    Luca Moro has lost a front right wheel.

  • 17:45

    TweetTweet from @almsnotes: WRO LMPC car has lost its front-right wheel out of the hairpin. Working its way through T17 and into the pitlane. #ALMS #Sebring12

  • 17:51

    Ooh, an F1 driver I missed, Mika Salo is driving for Ferrari in the GT class - currently third.

  • 17:58

    Joey Hand has the lead of the GT class, four pit stops complete, running a BMW 1-2 in the class for now.

  • 18:00

    Johannes van Overbeek on his accident: "I'm fine, thank you. It's a shame, I didn't want to be the first guy to wreck a 458 in the world. Not a lot of spare parts around. I feel really badly for the crew guys. We've been working so hard on the car, but... I was just a passenger."

  • 18:03

    Sarrazin has come into the pits from the lead.

  • 18:05

    Yellow flagFull course caution.

  • 18:05

    Jan Seyffarth has pulled off track.

  • 18:07

    Porsche 911The Porsche was on fire briefly, but put itself out.

  • 18:08

    Fourth caution of the day, and we're almost at lap 100.

  • 18:09

    It looks like some kind of tent just blew across the track. The field are still going round safely though.

  • 18:11

    Rogue tentThe tent wafted around the track, slipping between the pace car and the competitors, thankfully missing everyone. A couple of seconds later and it would have been a disaster.

  • 18:13

    Blowing in the windBlowing in the wind.

  • 18:14

    LMP1 cars head in for their pit stops.

  • 18:15

    Driver change: Dindo Capello in for McNish. Marc Gene in for Davidson. Pedro Lamy in for Sarrazin.

  • 18:17

    TweetTweet from @alex_wurz: So far Sebring 12h race is a sprintrace, full attack every lap. I love it. driving like a F1 race! Audis have faster pit stops tho.

  • 18:19

    GT cars complete their pit stops.

  • 18:24

    Still under yellow, Lamy leeds followed by Capello and Gene in LMP1. For GT, it's Salo, followed by Farfus and then Priaulx.

  • 18:29

    Four hours down. Eight hours still to go. We are a third of the way through.

  • 18:29

    Green flagTrack is clear.

  • 18:31
    LMP1 - Driver Positions
  • 18:32
    GT - Driver Positions
  • 18:33

    It looks like the feed to Sebring has died.

  • 18:33

    TweetTweet from @lendurancelive: Has a green screen, are we meant to create our own Sebring from now on?

  • 18:36

    Yellow flagFull course caution.

  • 18:36

    TweetTweet from @TV_Race: We have commentary but just a green screen. It's a nice shade but not quite what we want to be seeing. #sebring #ilmc #alms

  • 18:37

    TweetTweet from @almsnotes: Top six in #GT all on the lead lap as #FCY comes out. AJR #Porsche is stopped between T16 and T17

  • 18:40

    62 has a penalty for leaving the engine running while refuelling.

  • 18:41

    Five yellow cautions so far.

  • 18:42
    Most Pitstops
    43Luca Moro9
    45Soheil Ayari7
    47Stephane Ortelli7
  • 18:45

    Brian Wong in the 023 Porsche hit the wrong button, which caused this latest caution. After a quick trip to the pits, the car is back out again.

  • 18:52

    Green flagTrack is clear.

  • 18:54

    The stream is dead, the radio commentary is faltering, the live timing is struggling. One by one the information streams are falling away.

  • 18:55

    The #2 Audi spun.

  • 18:55

    QuoteComment from Kai: Dindo thought he had room, but didn't make it around Gene

  • 18:56

    The Peugeot is going behind the wall, the Audi is heading back out again.

  • 18:57

    Capello returns straight back to the pit lane and is going behind the wall. They simply replace the tyre previously, but clearly more damage was done.

  • 18:58

    Race officials are looking into the incident.

  • 19:01

    TweetTweet from @DonMedia: At this rate, Audi & Peugeot are going to take each other out before the end. #ALMS #Sebring

  • 19:03
    Driver Analysis
    DriverGuy Smith
    TeamDyson Racing
    Last Lap1:55.016
    Best Lap1:55.016
  • 19:05

    A quick update. Lamy leads LMP1, followed by Pagenaud and Panis, whilst for GT, Farfus continues to lead with Priaulx and Bruni behind.

  • 19:05

    QuoteComment from Kai: Announcer says "I could watch this all day"...but surely that's what a 12 hour is all about, yes? You WILL be watching it all day...unless you're trying to watch the ESPN3 feed in the UK

  • 19:06

    TweetTweet from @planetlemans: Pagenaud just gained a second on Lamy and is just 0.270s behind now. Will we see a petrol car leading the race at Sebring soon? #ILMC #ALMS

  • 19:07

    TweetTweet from @almsnotes: 2 Audi v. 7 Peugeot incident reviewed. No further action from the officials. #ALMS #ILMC #Sebring12

  • 19:08

    If you're a fan of Pagenaud, Brabham or Franchitti, currently sitting in second place, follow Highcroft Racing on Twitter:!/HighcroftRacing They're doing almost lap by lap updates.

  • 19:08

    Capello must have gone back out on track because now... he's gone back to the pitlane.

  • 19:10

    Pagenaud goes into the lead.

  • 19:11

    It looks like the Peugeot of Pedro Lamy may have had some kind of problem, has dropped back over half a second already.

  • 19:13

    TweetTweet from @antdavidson: Shame for car no.7. After contact with one of the Audi's into last corner that's it for us. Good fight up to that point though.

  • 19:14

    Yellow flagFull course caution.

  • 19:15

    Elton Julian has crashed out into the tyres.

  • 19:15

    TweetTweet from @highcroftracing: This is the first time Highcroft has led overall at Sebring. #alms

  • 19:16

    TweetTweet from @alex_wurz: Crash between my car pug#7 & audi#2 shame shame. This ends hopes 2 defend our last year win. Sorry for audi & our guys. c'est la vie ;-(

  • 19:16

    Julian was running in the LMPC class.

  • 19:26

    It looks like the live stream is back:

  • 19:27

    LMP1 pitstops. Race leader Pagenaud is coming in. In fact, the top four all pit.

  • 19:28

    Franck Montagny has got into Lamy's car, and Franchitti is in for Pagenaud.

  • 19:31

    Montagny beat Franchitti out of the pits, but both are behind Olivier Panis.

  • 19:31

    GT class pits.

  • 19:33

    Five hours complete, seven hours still to go.

  • 19:39

    Green flagTrack is clear.

  • 19:39

    Pedro Lamy: "I knew that the other car had an accident with Audi, so I was just taking care with traffic and Simon overtook me. We have a fast car so far, so we will see how the race goes... At the beginning we had some troubles at the setup, we improved day by day. At the moment it seems we have a competitive car."

  • 19:40

    Simon Pagenaud: "It's going really well. I was surprised in the car... it's actually coming to us right now. The Michelin tyres are starting to work with the car. HPD and Highcroft Racing prepared the car really well and it's really flying."

  • 19:41

    Franck Montagny is up into the lead now, Franchitti second, Panis down to third.

  • 19:43
    LMP1 Driver Positions
  • 19:45
    GT Driver Positions
  • 19:51

    At the front, Montagny is pulling out a lead - currently 12 seconds ahead, with only three cars on the lead lap.

  • 19:51

    In the GT class, Melo must have fallen back because he has just overtaken Werner for second place. He's closing up on Priaulx now.

  • 19:56

    TweetTweet from @portobellosfine: Top 6 cars in GT are within 10 seconds of each other. Amazing racing going on in that class! #sebring

  • 20:04

    QuoteComment from Steven Roy: Franck is in danger of ruining this race although we should probably blame Marc Gene for that

  • 20:05

    Jamie Melo got ahead of of Priaulx, who is now facing trouble from Fisichella.

  • 20:06

    The top seven cars in the GT class are still on the lead lap and within about a minute of each other. It's close back there.

  • 20:07

    Montagny is now about 27 seconds ahead of his nearest rivals.

  • 20:08

    Tommy Milner of Corvette Racing: "Yesterday was a lot of fun with an autograph session... it's cool to be a part of that. I signed three or four cars yesterday... I'm having fun right now. The race is crazy, the driving is aggressive, but it's settling down a little bit. A long way to go but our car is good. We're running fourth or fifth now, our pace is good. "

  • 20:09

    TweetTweet from @lacanta: The #7 Peugeot is back out, 19 laps after its unfortunate prang #sebring #ilmc #alms

  • 20:11

    Fisichella has fallen back behind Werner again, so the GT order now: Melo, Priaulx, Werner, Fisi.

  • 20:12

    Oh no, looks like Capello is heading back to the pit lane.

  • 20:14

    TweetTweet from @angleseyal: By the power of 'tinternet Im watching 12hrs of sebring, f1 could learn a lot from these, backmarkers dont move out the way, v entertaining

  • 20:16
    Driver Analysis
    DriverFranck Montagny
    TeamTeam Peugeot
    Last Lap1:51.398
    Best Lap1:48.238
  • 20:18

    We're starting to see a couple of pit stops throughout the field. Must be too long since we had a yellow.

  • 20:22

    Olivier Panis is pitting from third position, it looks like he's getting out and Lapierre will get in.

  • 20:23

    The Peugeot has returned the track in third.

  • 20:23

    Franck and Franchitti have both pitted from first and second.

  • 20:24

    Luiz Diaz, second in LMP2, has stopped out on track.

  • 20:25

    Yellow flagFull course caution.

  • 20:25

    Yellow comes just too late for those who have already pitted.

  • 20:27

    Diaz stoppedDiaz stopped on track.

  • 20:28

    We are approaching the halfway mark now. Six hours done, six to go.

  • 20:30

    A few cars are having to dive into the pitlane to top up on fuel so they don't run out, despite the fact the pitlane is actually closed. That is okay.

  • 20:31

    Luxury Racing are changing a driver, which is not okay.

  • 20:31

    They are new to the American Le Mans Series so may not be familiar with the rules.

  • 20:34

    Montagny was about 40 seconds up but it has been slashed down to four.

  • 20:37

    The pits are now open for prototypes.

  • 20:38

    Lucas Luhr: "Just coming round turn 16 and I had to dive into one of the BMWs. Everything was fine but on the way out there was a slower car and yellow flags so I wanted to let him by again and he hit me. I think it was just a bit of a misunderstanding."

  • 20:40

    GT cars pitting.

  • 20:41

    QuoteComment from Steven Roy: McNish back in the car but 7 laps down. Noteven he can get near the podium from there

  • 20:45

    TweetTweet from @almsnotes: This is the sixth #FCY today. There have been more than 400 pitstops. #ALMS #Sebring12 #ILMC

  • 20:45

    Green flagTrack is clear.

  • 20:46

    Montagny had a great restart, instantly putting some space between him and Franchitti behind.

  • 20:46

    Meanwhile, Pierre Kaffer is in the car for Bruni and is leading the GT class. Werner and Mueller follow.

  • 20:48
    One to Watch
  • 20:50

    Werner locks up, and they are both mixed up in traffic.

  • 20:50

    Mueller is past, up to second.

  • 20:52

    TweetTweet from @portobellosfine: damage to the right front fender of the 98 Jaguar, which is cutting at the tyre. #sebring

  • 20:55

    Montagny isn't racing away as he was before. Leading just six seconds up on Lapierre, and thirteen over Franchitti.

  • 20:57

    Lapierre almost halved the gap on that last lap.

  • 20:59

    Werner has pitted due to a flat tyre at the front, so the team are taking the opportunity to swap drivers - Auberlen.

  • 21:00
    One to Watch
  • 21:02

    The two Audis are running 7th and 8th at the moment, McNish ahead of Dumas.

  • 21:04

    Montagny and Lapierre weaving through traffic now.

  • 21:04

    TweetTweet from @lacanta: Pierre's been passed by the #56 BMW (Mueller). #sebring #ilmc #alms

  • 21:07

    Dirk Werner: "The car was running strong the whole day so far and we are still in a good position, although we had a problem. But it seems like everyone is getting a little something today... to stay out of trouble is the main goal of the race. But we're still on the lead lap, that's the main thing."

  • 21:09

    The 33 Lola-Honda has encountered a problem and come to a halt at the pit exit.

  • 21:13

    Dirk Mueller made a tiny mistake and that allows Kaffer back through for the lead of the GT class.

  • 21:15

    TweetTweet from @Mistermedia20: Woodard Racing still motoring along - First timers goal simply is to finish the 12 Hours of Sebring. Half way there Daniel.

  • 21:17

    A Jaguar spins right in front of Mueller, who's struggling to hold his position, let alone catch back up to Kaffer.

  • 21:18

    Replays show the Jaguar locking up, but it's not clear if there was contact between the two though.

  • 21:19

    Giancarlo Fisichella: "It's good because we are the leaders of our category in GT, we are running quite well, the car is fine. Unfortunately we lost quite a lot on the pitstop in refuelling, we need to keep pushing the position, top three, go to the end of the race. Hopefully we try to get on the podium, but it would be nice to win the race."

  • 21:20

    Mueller has closed back up to Kaffer again now. The pressure is on the Ferrari.

  • 21:21

    TweetTweet from @jack4cap: @factbytefactbox cornor workers say no contact #sebring

  • 21:22

    Franchitti and Lapierre have pitted from 2nd and 3rd in the LMP1 fight.

  • 21:22

    For Highcroft, Franchitti is climbing out of the car, Brabham is getting back in.

  • 21:23

    Kaffer pits from P1 in the GT update.

  • 21:23

    Yellow flagFull course caution.

  • 21:24

    A car has spun off and is sitting nestled up to the barriers, the driver is out of the car.

  • 21:25

    Kaffer has got out of the Ferrari, and Bruni is back in.

  • 21:25

    Jarrett Boon, I believe. Running down in 7th for the LMPC class.

  • 21:26

    Jarrett Boon outJarrett Boon is out of the race.

  • 21:29

    Right, we are seven hours in now. Five hours left to go.

  • 21:30

    Montagny was due a pit stop around about this time, so he'll need to eek out a couple more laps before the pitlane opens.

  • 21:31

    Dario Franchitti, happy with the strategy the Highcroft guys are dishing out, and adds: "I'm a bit rusty, I haven't been in the car properly since Petit last year. This was my first long run in the car today."

  • 21:35

    69 of the entrants in today's Sebring race are brand new to the event.

  • 21:35

    Entrants as in drivers.

  • 21:35

    Pits are open for the prototypes.

  • 21:37

    Montagny has pitted from P1, and Moreau from P4.

  • 21:37

    They're changing Montagny for Sarrazin.

  • 21:38

    QuoteComment from Steven Roy: That was not Dario that was his little brother Marino


  • 21:40

    GT category in to the pits.

  • 21:41

    Lots and lots of cars into the pitlane that time, traffic heading back out on to the track as well.

  • 21:43

    McNish comes into the pits, followed by Neel Jani in the Lola.

  • 21:44

    It is quite amusing to watch the pit crew get in position and then freeze while they wait for the fuel to go in.

  • 21:44

    Rockenfeller heads into the Audi pit after McNish leaves. Poor Rockenfeller shakes his head as he's stationery. Not having a good day.

  • 21:46

    The number 7 Peugeot is back out on track, they're using it as a test session now.

  • 21:46

    Green flagTrack is clear.

  • 21:48
    LMP1 Driver Positions
  • 21:49
    GT Driver Positions
  • 21:51

    A replay of footage shows Dumas from the Rockenfeller Audi team having a rather heated discussion with the race engineer Lena.

  • 21:52

    He doesn't look angry at her, mind you.

  • 21:54

    Lapierre leads Brabham by about 6 seconds, with another 4 over Sarrazin.

  • 21:58

    Ryan Lewis, second place in LMPC, pulls off track with the back of his car in flames.

  • 21:58

    Yellow flagFull course caution.

  • 22:00

    LMPC on fireRyan Lewis did a great job to spot a marshal post and pull up right beside it.

  • 22:04

    TweetTweet from @Audi24h: #Sebring: 4:30 left in the race. #Audi #R15 in 7th + 8th after crash with Peugeot and puncture #Audi Sport Lion No10 leading

  • 22:11

    Lapierre and Brabham have dived into the pitlane.

  • 22:12

    Duval has just replaced Lapierre in the Peugeot.

  • 22:14

    There's a sweeper on the track which had to quickly get out the way of everyone as the field passed.

  • 22:15

    GT pits are open, but only a couple of cars head in, none of the leaders.

  • 22:17

    The top GT car that came in was Salo, who had a quick windscreen clean, amongst other things, and returned to the track.

  • 22:21

    Sarrazin is back up in front now, Brabham behind and Duval third. In Gt, we've got Kaffer and Mueller, with Auberlen sitting behind in third.

  • 22:21

    Green flagTrack is clear.

  • 22:22

    Brabham is about twenty seconds back on Sarrazin thanks to traffic. Duval has just overtaken him for second.

  • 22:23

    Another penalty for the 030 car for taking the passby, a four minute hold.

  • 22:23

    The sun is starting to set now, glare starting to get in the driver's view.

  • 22:25

    Bruni is back up to P1 for the GT class, with Hand and Auberlen behind.

  • 22:25

    The 030 is sitting in the pits now, serving the penalty.

  • 22:26

    The leader of the GTC car appears to have a puncture, and is slowing around the circuit.

  • 22:27

    QuoteComment from Steven Roy: I can't imagine how long 4 minutes feels when your brain is at racing speed

  • 22:29

    TweetTweet from @portobellosfine: radiator blown for the 077 as well! #sebring

  • 22:33

    Eight hours complete, four laps remaining.

  • 22:34

    TweetTweet from @chipmason: Fudge. 4 hrs left and it looks like a bust for @Audi . 6 laps down is hard to recover #ALMS #Sebring

  • 22:34

    Joey Hand is now leading the GT class, with Bruni in second.

  • 22:38

    OnboardAn onboard view showing the extent of the glare.

  • 22:42

    Joey Hand, running P1 in the GT class, is also up to P10 overall.

  • 22:46

    Rockenfeller pits his Audi from 7th place.

  • 22:46

    He was close up behind Allan McNish, the pair moving back up the order after troubled times earlier.

  • 22:48

    Stephane Sarrazin pits from the lead, they're not changing drivers, but sticking up on fuel.

  • 22:49

    McNish pits from 6th and just five laps behind the leader.

  • 22:52

    Loic Duval leads the race now, ahead of David Brabham and Sarrazin in third.

  • 22:53

    Allan McNish has just overtaken David Brabham, and although it is not for position (laps down), it was a great move.

  • 22:53

    He went all the way round the outside of the corner.

  • 22:56

    TweetTweet from @almsnotes: No tail lights reported on 038 and 15. Both cars must pit for repair. #ALMS #ILMC #Sebring12

  • 22:56

    Also the 036 LMPC car. Lights are required this year.

  • 23:00

    A left rear puncture for the 018 - Jan-Dirk Leuders in the LMPC class.

  • 23:04

    The 034 spins off but continues onwards.

  • 23:05

    TweetTweet from @daimes16: The Sun really is low in the sky now!... it's becoming increasingly dark at Sebring! Things should start to get very interesting very soon!

  • 23:05

    Loic Duval pits from the lead.

  • 23:06

    David Brabham has also pitted, and the team are getting him some fluids, hid drink bottle clearly not working.

  • 23:07

    Mattieu Lahaye is off and out of the car!! Running fourth in the LMP1 until then.

  • 23:08

    He's looking closely at his right ankle, pouring water on it. Perhaps something has burnt him?

  • 23:09

    TweetTweet from @alex_wurz: Just did douple stint, nice fight with A.McNish. Overtook him on outside in turn 17 and gave myself a hi5 after that ;-)

  • 23:11

    In LMP1, McNish has moved up to 5th now, still five laps down. Chris Dyson in the Lola up to 4th.

  • 23:11

    Sarrazin leads ahead of Duval and Brabham.

  • 23:11

    Ah-ha, there was a fuel leak inside the cockpit, but Lahaye is okay.

  • 23:13



    Wind Speed0mps
  • 23:13

    It's not really night yet, but I do like a good moon graphic.

  • 23:16

    Chris Dyson: "I couldn't see a thing for the last seven or eight laps, it was really challenging... I was kind of driving by braille."

  • 23:18
    LMP1 Driver Positions
  • 23:19
    GT Driver Positions
  • 23:21

    The leading car, Sarrazin in the number 8 Peugeot, will need to have a nose change in the next pit stop. They won't come in specially, but it may take a long stop.

  • 23:27

    002 has been called in for a stop/go plus one minute due to speeding in the pitlane. That's a Ferrari in the GT class.

  • 23:28

    Priaulx has taken the GT lead.

  • 23:32

    TweetTweet from @yehafde: How amazing does the setting sun look at Sebring? #ilmc #sebring12h #lms

  • 23:32

    Rockenfeller has pit from 6th place.

  • 23:33

    The #8 Peugeot is shedding bits of carbon fibre, but they aren't coming in yet and the officials won't send them in for loose bodywork.

  • 23:33

    Eight hours complete, just three hours left to go.

  • 23:34

    Sarrazin pits from the lead. How long will it take?

  • 23:34

    Duval has taken the lead.

  • 23:34

    They're changing the tyres, the driver and they're set for a new nose. This is a big stop.

  • 23:36

    Sarrazin rejoins, just as McNish heads into the pitlane from 5th.

  • 23:36

    Sorry, not Sarrazin, Lamy climbed into the car... and then spun it.

  • 23:39

    Pedro Lamy sidewaysPedro Lamy heads sideways.

  • 23:40

    The 34 is pushed off track by another, a few flames, but he's back on track.

  • 23:40

    In LMP1, Duval is leading Brabham, with Lamy in third and Cochran fourth. Kristensen (in for McNish) is still in fifth.

  • 23:41

    For the GT class, Priaulx continues to lead and has moved up to eighth overall. Fisichella is 2nd, and Farfus 3rd.

  • 23:44

    Fisichella pits from third, the Ferrari team having a neat stop, although the tyres might have taken a couple of seconds longer.

  • 23:46

    There's a problem with the rear window on Fisichella's car. They had a driver change, so it's Kaffer now.

  • 23:46

    A flap is sticking out, getting dragged further and further back. Aerodynamics shot to pieces, and he'll likely have to pit again.

  • 23:46

    QuoteComment from Pat W: 1 x ALMS race distance to go

  • 23:47

    TweetTweet from @almsnotes: Race declared dark by officials at 7:42p #ALMS #ILMC #Sebring12

  • 23:48

    Davidson pits, the #7 Peugeot running what is essentially a test, but back up to 18 until now.

  • 23:53

    Pierre Kaffer pits the Ferrari - presumably to fix the window issue.

  • 23:54

    The 6th place GT Corvette has just pitted.

  • 23:55

    Loic Duval pits from the lead, they are changing the driver so Nicolas Lapierre clambers aboard. Tyre change as well.

  • 23:55

    Brabham takes the lead, but Highcroft are due for a pit stop as well.

  • 23:57

    Brabham pits from the lead, and Cochran pits from 4th place.

  • 23:58

    TweetTweet from @daimes16: We're going into full darkness at the Sebring International Speedway!... the views are stunning, but driver visibility will be rather poor!

  • 00:02

    Farfus pits his BMW from 2nd place in the GT class.

  • 00:03

    Lapierre leads overall, with Lamy second and Pagenaud third.

  • 00:05

    It's truly dark out there now. I struggled telling the cars apart when I could see them properly!

  • 00:06

    GT leader Andy Priaulx heads to the pitlane.

  • 00:06

    Vilander is climbing in the car as Priaulx exits.

  • 00:07

    TweetTweet from @portobellosfine: @factbytefactbox When it's dark you can tell who's who by the engine growl. :) #sebring

  • 00:09

    Somehow Lamy has lost a place to Pagenaud, although it's too dark to see what happened. Pagenaud up to second now.

  • 00:13

    The 062 Ferrari has a terrible stop with Melo getting into the car. They can't seem to get it started and out of the pitlane.

  • 00:14

    The 062 is still in the pitlane, the crew weren't ready for the stop at all. Penalties will likely be coming soon as there are mechanics without helmets on.

  • 00:15

    They've started and it's off.

  • 00:16

    It seems as though the team had to change because Vilander couldn't do another stint, but Melo wasn't prepared and it all fell apart.

  • 00:18

    I do like that the numbers on the sides of the car light up. That helps.

  • 00:20

    TweetTweet from @sebringraceway: Beautiful sunset, then beautiful full moon rise at Sebring. #10 Peugeot continues to lead.

  • 00:21

    Timo Bernhard, in the LMP1 Audi, has pulled into the pitlane but not made it to his box.

  • 00:21

    He's made it now.

  • 00:22

    RadioTeam radio to the #6: "It's fuel only, fuel only."

  • 00:22

    Lapierre continues to lead, with 58 seconds over Pagenaud, and another 11 over Lamy. Kristensen is up to 4th but still 5 laps down.

  • 00:23

    For the GT class, Mueller leads with Farfus second, a BMW 1-2, then Kaffer in the Ferrari and Gavin in the Corvette.

  • 00:23

    Kristensen pits.

  • 00:24

    The number 8 Peugeot is coming in too, Lamy.

  • 00:24

    They've swapped Lamy out for Franck Montagny.

  • 00:30

    Ten hours down. Two hours to go.

  • 00:31

    Farfus had to pit his BMW with a broken wheel.

  • 00:32

    It's a slow stop and there's a bit of bodywork damage on the 55.

  • 00:32

    Back on track safe and sound.

  • 00:33

    TweetTweet from @almsnotes: No. 04 Corvette and No. 55 BMW together at the Hairpin. #BMW has lost a wheel. Was running second in class. #ALMS #ILMC #Sebring12

  • 00:36

    Lapierre continues to lead ahead of Pagenaud and Montagny. Kristensen retains fourth.

  • 00:36

    In GT, Mueller leads Beretta and Kaffer. Werner's 55 is down to fifth after the troubles.

  • 00:39

    The 56 for Mueller pits but has a great stop and is out again.

  • 00:42

    Beretta pits his Corvette from the lead of the GT class. Fast stop.

  • 00:43

    The Corvette doesn't seem up to speed making it's way out of the pitlane.

  • 00:43

    Lapierre pits from the overall lead.

  • 00:44

    Commentator suggests it's marginal if they can get to the end of the race with just one more pit stop.

  • 00:45

    Salo is heading out of the pitlane with no headlights, but is stopped at the end of the lane to get them switched on.

  • 00:46

    Jamie Malo got out of the car, replaced by Salo, and is sitting on the wall having a rest - he's suffering some serious back trouble.

  • 00:48

    Replay shows Kristensen having a look at the inside of Lapierre and they touch. Could be avoidable contact.

  • 00:49

    Pagenaud pits from the lead.

  • 00:50

    TweetTweet from @rickdebruhl: Less than two hours to go at Sebring. Will the year old customer car beat the new factory car?

  • 00:53

    Gavin pits from third position in the GT class.

  • 00:54

    The talk turns to fuel-saving, and who can make what without pitting.

  • 00:54

    TweetTweet from @almsnotes: Can @HighcroftRacing go to the end on one more stop? Gonna be close! #ALMS #ILMC #Sebring12

  • 00:56

    Hand leads the GT class now, ahead of Milner and Werner.

  • 00:57

    Commentator suggests that Montagny is quick out there at the moment, but may have one more stop to make than the others.

  • 00:58

    Montagny overtakes Pagenaud.

  • 00:59

    QuoteComment from Pat W: Montagny passes Pagenaud for 2nd. Wonder if he's trying to make Pagenaud use up so much fuel he has to stop twice like Franck does

  • 01:00

    TweetTweet from @SaitoHawkeye: Nothing quite like the brake discs of a Le Mans Prototype class glowing cherry red in the night...#sebring #alms #lemans #fb #in

  • 01:01

    Montagny 50 seconds behind leader Lapierre, with Pagenaud just 3 seconds behind.

  • 01:03

    CEO of Oreca: "No mistake. Any mistake is forbidden. The pit crew have to do stops without pressure. The drivers have to do laps without pressure."

  • 01:05

    TweetTweet from @planetlemans: Hour and a half left here at Sebring. Oreca leads by over 45 seconds and another couple of seconds over the HPD. But Montagny is very fast.

  • 01:06

    Bernhard pits from 5th with the Audi. Also Salo pits from 7th in the GT class, with his Ferrari.

  • 01:08

    TweetTweet from @Irish25256: Tired but iv watched 10 and a half hours of sebring gotta make it all 12 x)

  • 01:09

    Montagny putting in 1:50 times, whilst Lapierre in the lead puts in a 1:53.

  • 01:10

    Montagny pits.

  • 01:10

    He is bound to need another stop for fuel.

  • 01:11

    Kristensen also pits from 4th... still five laps down.

  • 01:11

    Dindo Capello is climbing in the Audi.

  • 01:16

    TweetTweet from @Grumman: Top five Drivers - four frenchmen. #sebring #sebring12

  • 01:18

    A car has broken down. I can't tell which one because it's dark.

  • 01:18

    It could be Werner?

  • 01:19

    QuoteComment from Pat W: Colin Braun is the stopped Ford

    I was all kinds of wrong.

  • 01:21

    Lapierre leads Pagenaud now, with Montagny in third due to his pitstop.

  • 01:25
    Race Position
    8HandBMW (GT)
    10CameronOreca (LMPC)
  • 01:26

    Gene pits from 9th position.

  • 01:28

    The Peugeot returned to the track in 12th.

  • 01:31

    We have broken the 300 lap mark, with Lapierre currently on 302, aaand he pits.

  • 01:32

    Eleven hours done and dusted. Just one hour left.

  • 01:33

    Pagenaud has gone through and taken the lead, but he also has a pit stop to take in the next few laps.

  • 01:34

    Joey Hand pits from 1st place in the GT class.

  • 01:34

    RadioTeam radio to Hand: "Bring it home, babe."

    Friendly, these engineers.

  • 01:37

    Milner is in the lead for Corvette now, with Hand returning to the track in second.

  • 01:38

    Milner now pits, and Gavin from 3rd as well.

  • 01:40

    RadioTeam radio to Tommy Milner: "Go, go, go, go, all clear buddy."

    And he returns to the track.

  • 01:40

    TweetTweet from @almsnotes: Loic Duval getting in the @ORECA Peugeot. He knows how to pedal it - fastest last at Le Mans last year! #ALMS #ILMC #Sebring12

  • 01:40

    Pagenaud pits.

  • 01:41

    QuoteComment from Pat W: Not that overall is too important but the delayed #7 Peugeot has finally made it past all the GT cars.

  • 01:43

    Duval is in the lead, Montagny now second, but we believe they'll both have to stop again, so Pagenaud in third is in a good position.

  • 01:44

    A car runs wide but regains the track without causing too much of a problem.

  • 01:47

    Duval is putting in some quick laps to try and build out a lead for his impending pit stop.

  • 01:48

    Montagny pits from second place.

  • 01:49

    Originally, the plan was to keep Franck out for another five laps, but they've obviously switched up the strategy. Fresh tyres, fuelled to the finish, but a slow, slow stop.

  • 01:50

    Duval has pitted early, in case of a full course caution. They are also good to the end of the race.

  • 01:52

    Commentary: "It baffles me why they did that. The only chance they have of second now is a full course caution."

  • 01:55

    That's regarding Montagny, obviously. He's sitting in third, about thirty seconds off Pagenaud in second.

  • 01:55

    TweetTweet from @almsnotes: Back to 1-2 for BMW in GT. Werner around Milner at the Hairpin #ALMS #ILMC #Sebring12 Joey Hand leads by almost a minute

  • 01:58

    Capello pits the Audi from 4th place.

  • 01:59

    Montagny pulled back three seconds in that last lap, and with just over 30 minutes to go, he could claw back quite a lot of the gap.

  • 02:00

    Thirty minutes left.

  • 02:01

    Allan McNish has clambered into the Audi for one last push.

  • 02:03

    Pagenaud and Montagny caught up with some traffic, so the gap is maintained for now.

  • 02:04

    Montagny stuck behind an Audi, who is several laps down.

  • 02:07
    LMP1 - Battle For 1st
  • 02:09

    McNish is putting in some stunning lap times, looks like he's the fastest man on the track at the moment.

  • 02:10

    Twenty minutes left. Lap 321.

  • 02:12

    Joey Hand continues to lead the GT class with Werner behind - a BMW 1-2. Milner third and Magnussen 4th, both in Corvettes.

  • 02:13

    Lap 322 and Montagny is 12 seconds behind Pagenaud.

  • 02:14

    Wurz pits from 8th place, the Peugeot running well considering it was well out of the race earlier in the day.

  • 02:16

    McNish still sits between 2nd and 3rd place, but five laps down.

  • 02:17

    TweetTweet from @planetlemans: BMW Motorsport on its way to its first GT victory at Sebring since 1998...

  • 02:18

    Lapierre and Duval have shared a lot of the workload for their P1. Panis has only done one stint, and hasn't been behind the wheel for well over almost 200 laps.

  • 02:20

    Less than ten minutes to go now.

  • 02:22

    Pagenaud is 45 seconds off the lead, that number is getting bigger. Montagny 7 seconds behind him. That number is getting smaller.

  • 02:23

    TweetTweet from @portobellosfine: Montagny can see Pagenaud! #sebring

  • 02:25

    Four minutes to go.

  • 02:26

    TweetTweet from @antdavidson: So we managed to get car no.7 back out and work our way up to p8 with 5 mins to go! Oh what could have been... Ifs and buts an all that!

  • 02:28

    TweetTweet from @almsnotes: White flag next time by #ALMS #ILMC #Sebring12

  • 02:28


  • 02:29

    QuoteComment from Mr C: WE DON'T HAVE A WHITE FLAG! sorry fbfb

  • 02:30

    Chequered flagLapierre/Duval/Panis win the 12 Hours of Sebring for ORECA Peugeot

  • 02:32
    Finishing Positions
    9CameronOreca (LMPC)
    10HandBMW (GT)
  • 02:33

    QuoteComment from Steven Roy: Nice to see a proper racing team like Oreca win a big race. Hugues de Chaunac has done such a great job for decades but can't beat the manufacturers often

  • 02:39

    Joey Hand: "These guys, it all goes to these BMW guys... these guys work so hard over the off-season. Monday, when I got here, I said we've got a chance of this. I've been pushing hard. It's great to do it with this team, because BMW has been my home for a while now."

  • 02:40

    Ryan Hunter-Reay, winner LMP2: "This is what endurance racing and Sebring 12 hours is all about. It's making it happen. This team has done an amazing job... it's a dream come true."

  • 02:42

    Tim Pappas, GTC winner: "It means so much... we worked so hard, we had such a hard week this week. Sebring just knows how to beat you up and spit you up... This is all about the team, Black Swan Racing, so proud of everyone."

  • 02:46

    Dane Cameron, LMPC winner: "That was a pretty picture perfect run for Sebring. No mechnical problems whatsoever, we just clicked off laps all day, which is exactly what we wanted to do. Nobody made any big mistakes... we were up front all day, I think we led at least half the race."

  • 02:52

    Hughes de ChaunacSuper happy Hughes de Chaunac.

  • 02:52

    That pretty much wraps up 12 hours of mighty fine racing in Sebring.

  • 02:52

    We saw a close battle between the Peugeots towards the end of the night, but we were robbed of an epic Audi/Peugeot fight from the start.

  • 02:53

    Fisichella's pole position in the GT class did not come to fruition in the race, but all put in a storming performance and there was lots of clean passing to be seen.

  • 02:54

    Most have claimed this is purely practice for Le Mans, but I don't think that will halt any celebrations this evening.

  • 02:54

    Thanks for joining me for the 12 hours (or a portion thereof), it's been fabulous.

  • 02:54

    I'll see you very soon for more fact-finding fun.

The 12 Hours of Sebring begins today, kicking off the brand new 2011 Intercontinental Le Mans Cup. Stopping off at Spa and Le Mans among many others, the new championship has eight of the top car manufacturers fully committed to taking part. Audi and Peugeot are the two most notable, but equally, BMW, Audi, Ferrari and more are all determined to prove they are the best of the best.
Audi USA / CC

Event start

14:30GMT +00:00

19 March 2011