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That's Max, walking on the moon - Formula One meets NASA in Texas

Published by Christine

When I went to Texas a couple of years ago, there were two things I knew I had to do before I left - go to a baseball game, and visit the Johnson Space Center in Houston. It looks like Mercedes and Red Bull have gone to the US this weekend with the same thoughts in mind, as their drivers were spotted hanging out at NASA, and generally having a good time. There are no words to describe the video of Max Verstappen in simulated low-gravity, and it just keeps on getting better from there.

F1 goes space crazy

That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. Really cool stuff @NASA. Thanks for having us today #keeppushing #USGP

Max33Verstappen Max33Verstappen

As well as the Red Bull pair getting up to mischief in the heart of NASA, Lewis Hamilton also popped by to the JSC to have a look around, getting up close and personal with mission control and a giant rocket or two.

And we thought our mission control centre was cool...

MercedesAMGF1 MercedesAMGF1