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Selection box - Why wouldn't they let him fly? - Max Verstappen, team bosses and a whole host of F1 drama

Published by Christine

Formula One is currently twisting and turning, this way and that, trying to decide what it is and which direction it is going to go in the future. The qualifying debacle in Australia has refused to go away, with the regulation change revoked and then that reversion also revoked as well. Broadcasting rights in the UK have been handed exclusively to pay-per-view company Sky in the future, and it all feels as though things are up in the air right now. With that in mind, here are a handful of good reads, views and listens that might help us keep things grounded.

Let's begin with that concept of broadcasting and viewership with some thoughts on how the sport presents itself to the fans at home.

Let's move on to slightly happier topics and review some of the action that actually did take place this weekend. One of the talking points of the weekend was the team radio and reactions of Max Verstappen, the somewhat stroppy teenager.

Not all the drivers have tarnished themselves with the grumpy brush, in fact many of them had a lot of fun over the past few days.

Codemasters are busy working on the next installment of their F1 gaming franchise, and it turns out they ask fans and gamers to come along and test out the game for them - hands up who wants that job?

Finally, a couple of interviews with current and former team bosses to get some brilliant insider gossip as always.