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Selection box - We love what we do - From Russia with love, Red Bull, oil prices, CFD and more

Published by Christine

Red Bull are dominating the news at the moment. If it wasn't their trial run of the canopy in Russia, it was their drivers causing chaos in Russia, or it was their post-race reaction of swapping one perfectly capable driver for another. I've searched the web for some interesting articles and have come up with some that cover all those topics, but let's start with something else first.

I'm always fascinated by driver behaviour, considering the pressures they're under and the unique situations they find themselves in. Here we have a couple of posts about drivers - firstly, that they don't need to be quite so reserved, and secondly, that they make very difficult teammates.

Now onto some more technological factors, the Sauber team have been getting arty with their computational fluid dynamics, whilst there's also an analysis of 3D printing in the modern automotive environment.

Finally, before we do turn our attention to the Russian race and it's ongoing fallout, a quick post about oil prices, sponsorship, and relying on one source.

Several insiders have posted their reviews of the Russian Grand Prix weekend, including Felipe Massa who has a fantastic new column to read this year, and Sky F1 commentator David Croft ponders the Red Bull windscreen.

Finally, the Kvyat situation. I've got a post about what has happened and potential reasons why, as well as some insider news from Red Bull... before they made such a startling shake-up to the team.