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Published by Christine

Renault soaked up a lot of headlines over the past week or so, as the only team to launch and start talking in earnest about the current season. It feels like this year really is picking up steam slowly but surely, with the first race of the year now just about a month away and some pre-season testing to go before then.

In the meantime, there are some fantastic pieces of work out there on the web, and this is just a few of the ones I've spotted over the last few days. Let's begin with the ever-fabulous Chainbear, who has put pen and video to paper to explain yet another tricky F1 concept for those of us who never liked to ask.

Next up, the pleasant surprise of winning a competition went to Stephen Molyneux who shared how his evening went at the Zoom Auction, where photographs taken of the F1 drivers are auctioned off for charity.

Meeting F1 faces is always fun, and our next two links are for those who spent a bit more time getting to know two names who know the sport inside out - Paul Hembery of Pirelli, and Jonathan Noble of

Whilst we're waiting for the new season, there's always time to look back at highlights from the history of F1 - a brilliant, long, eclectic mix of hope and horror, tantrums and tearaways, champagne and celebration. A great couple of articles have been written about Ferrari, about one of the most popular driver numbers, and of one of the more iconic circuits.

Talking of Ferrari, have taken a closer look at the technical aspects of the Scuderia's new car, with a detailed illustration highlighting the placement changes deep within the chassis.

Finally, Manor announced one of their drivers this week in the shape of Pascal Wehrlein, which must have disappointed the author of the next post. But who do you think should get the final seat?